COVID-19: Redwerk goes remote

Coronavirus pandemic made us all stop in the daily rush and look at things from a different angle. Social life rituals we’re all used to will no longer be in place, business traveling and meetings are prohibited, transportation connections are broken. Is there a bigger meaning for the humanity behind the spread of COVID-19 virus,

Coronavirus: What it means for the IT

Coronavirus is spreading around the planet, and we at Redwerk are seriously concerned about the situation. We’re an IT company located in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, and we decided to get to the bottom of the problem to identify ways to protect ourselves and our co-workers. Coronavirus in Our Country: Current Situation Against the backdrop of

Best Web Development Podcasts

If you are just getting started or already work in the IT sphere, you most probably already have a list of your favorite related podcasts. If you don’t, you are missing out! And as a web development company, we can’t let that happen. So that you don’t have to dig through a huge amount of

E-Government: Technology Fostering Democracy

We live in a time when almost everything can be done on the Internet: communication, shopping, watching movies, playing games, learning, and working. But there is still a long way to go. To register a marriage, vote in elections, or inherit, we still have to spend time and energy on personal visits to various institutions.
digital healthcare solutions

Implementation of Digital Healthcare Solutions: Worldwide Experience

“The first wealth is health”, Emerson said. Many people might be currently concerned with this quote. Especially when they see and hear more and more about pollution levels growing and the number of diseases increasing. Many countries have already started to reform their healthcare sector to provide citizens with quality medical services via high-tech medical
cover image e-residency for offshore software development companies

Estonian e-Residency: Pros and Cons

Back in 2014, Estonia struck the whole world with news of being the first to create a system of electronic residency, available to businesses from any country anywhere in the world. Now, years later, it becomes more and more obvious that Ukrainian companies are one of the biggest enthusiasts of this program, and Redwerk is

AWS vs Azure vs Google – Cloud Comparison

The popularity of cloud configurations usage instead of self-hosted infrastructures is growing fast during the past years. Choosing to move to the cloud, companies get an existing physical infrastructure and from this point they do not need to think about updates, maintaining and other related things. This is a huge positive, which allows concentrating on

UX For SaaS: Pocket Lists Web App Review

Pocket Lists is an iOS and web planning application to get your life in order. Attractive design, easy-to-navigate interface, and a real-life background of making up must-dos lists are behind this app. Simple as that it makes you more organized and progress in everything in your life. #1. No possibility of quick registration and authorization

Redwerk Featured Among Top Mobile App Developers in Ukraine at GoodFirms

Redwerk’s high-quality app development process caught GoodFirms’ attention and recognized the firm for its capabilities, talent, and commitment. Thus, the agency earns a reputed position on the list of top mobile app development companies in Ukraine. About Redwerk Redwerk is an outstanding software and mobile app development company which has its roots in Kiev, Ukraine.

The Magic of Copy: Why UX Writing Rocks?

There exists a tendency of new job titles to appear. Could the world even think about DevOps, Social Media Marketing Managers or Targeters 15 years ago? And now all these people are competing with one another in creating products, engaging customers and developing software. But now we would like to reveal one job that is