Why Do We Need More Women in Tech: Redwerk’s Employees and Customers Experience

Vibrant, innovative, and inspiring change – these are the epithets commonly applied to the IT industry. Over the recent years, the tech sector has been booming, and this rapid development is projected to grow in the future. However, no matter how progressive, empowering, and exciting the tech sector may seem, there is still a fly

ASP.NET Core Advantages and Disadvantages

In continuation of the article where we discussed what is more appropriate for Docker containers: .NET Core or .NET Framework, let’s take a closer look at ASP.NET Core advantages and disadvantages. Being a .NET development company, we have an understanding that .NET Core and ASP.NET Core are two independent technologies that are alike and different

Top Tech Events in 2021: Quarter 1 Ultimate Guide

Top Tech Events in 2021 The Ultimate Guide by Redwerk: Part I During this time of the year, people usually are busy with preparing for Christmas and New Year celebrations. An integral part of those preparations is of course writing New Year’s resolutions. We all have high hopes for the coming year, and it is

Hiring talent in a competitive job market: how to make it work

The hiring process is the key to forming a productive work team. At Redwerk, we tried different models of attracting the best talent and learned what it means to hire smart. In this article, we want to share our hiring practices and discuss why they work well for us as a software development company. Who

Augmented Reality in Business: Benefits

Augmented reality is a technology that allows applying digitally created content to real-life settings using the device’s built-in camera. Some of the most commonly used AR applications are Word Lens on Google Translate, Snapchat, Google Lens, and even Instagram filters. AR might seem like futuristic technology, but it is highly applicable even now. Translating a

Top Tech Events in 2020: Quarter 4 Ultimate Guide

In the post-quarantine times, life is slowly getting back to normal in some parts of the world, while in the others, there is still a need to be cautious. The world is trying to find new ways to keep on with the habits and traditions. We hope that you are feeling hopeful and calm in

Best Free No-Code Mobile App Development Platforms

Sometimes there is a need for an app and no budget for custom development in a mobile app development company. Many small businesses and individual experts still need apps to promote their services. If the purpose is not to create an enterprise but simply introduce a new idea on the local market, free no-code mobile

Azure Service Bus in .NET Core: Communication between microservices

The topic of microservices architecture has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. The reason behind it lies in numerous advantages that the modular architectural style brings to the table, especially when it comes to designing complex applications. We’ve already covered the pros and cons of implementing microservices architecture and compared microservices against

Asynchronous programming in Flutter

Building modern mobile apps is impossible without asynchronous code. Most of the tasks that an application has to perform, to one degree or another, require a long wait for the result of the operation: network queries, working with databases, reading user input. An asynchronous approach (executing a process without blocking it) allows more rational use

Software Development Technologies in Demand in Sweden

Sweden is the fifth largest, but second least populated country in Europe, with two-thirds of its territory covered with forests. It is home to the world-known companies, such as Spotify, Ericsson, H&M, Volvo, Electrolux, and the list goes on. Swedish economic miracle Sweden made an unbelievable journey from the agricultural economy towards digital society in