Redwerk’s report on technologies in demand in Washington

Washington is considered to be one of the centers of information technology development. This state has the highest demand for IT professionals, the number of which exceeds tens of thousands. The number of jobs in IT is growing every year as the best companies and start-ups have a need in talented developers. According to various studies, Washington falls into the list of states, with the most qualified experts in the field of developing algorithms and programming in Python, Java, Ruby and C ++. Probably, the headquarters of Amazon, Zillow and Microsoft are not in vain located here.

Traditionally, Redwerk decided to do its research and find out which software development technologies are the most popular in outsourcing among developers in the cities of Washington and compared these figures with the statistics of the Ukraine largest cities. Check out the result in the infographic below.

Software development technologies in demand in Washington / infographic by Redwerk

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