Florida, the state of oranges and sunshine, is the southernmost state of the US which was founded in 1513 by Spanish explorer and conquistador Juan Ponce de León. He named this land La Florida in honor of Pascua Florida which is a Spanish Feast of the Flowers.

Florida attracts millions of tourists each year due to its famous Walt Disney World, Salvador Dali Museum, Everglades National Park, Daytona 500 Sports Arena, Kennedy Space Сenter and dozens of others. Legendary Universal Studios theme park is also located in Florida. A park is dedicated to the entertainment industry and is the ninth most attended theme park in the world. About 10 million people visit it each year. For the record, Redwerk has a case study with Universal Music Group.

Space Coast – a region where NASA space flights are launching, located also here. Florida is a pearl of the IT community as it absorbs thousands of tech geeks throughout dozens of colleges and universities with the Florida Polytechnic University in the spotlight that graduate STEM talents. This State can be named an IT conferences saturated joint as in 2019 there are about 300 tech events will be held. IT industry is well developed in this state and gather a pool of omnifarious IT specialists and talents of manifold programming languages. We decided to make a comparative analysis of demand for IT specialists by cities within the State and other regions around the world that provides outsourcing services.


Software development technologies in demand in Florida / infographic by Redwerk

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