Since our customers are evenly distributed between Europe and the United States, we study demand for software development technologies on both sides of the pool. This time it’s the state of Colorado in the very middle of the North American continent that attracted our attention: Denver is a major center for larger enterprise businesses and Boulder is a bustling startup hub. As usual, we compare demand for certain technologies to what the outsourcing world has to offer.

Infographic: software development technologies in demand in Colorado, US | Redwerk company research

Based on the following sources:

  • Colorado:,,,,,
  • India:,,,,
  • China:,,,,,
  • Thailand:,,,,
  • Argentina:,,,,,
  • Colombia:,,
  • Romania:,,,,
  • Russia:,,,
  • Ukraine:,,,,,
  • Market facts:,,

About Redwerk

Two most popular technologies for implementing various web projects in Redwerk are JavaScript and Python. Our expertise with these technologies allows us to create web solution of any complexity, from startup or small business to enterprise, for our clients worldwide. We offer Python development services for creating backend and JavaScript for all the frontend needs.

Clients we work with from Colorado

Hosting software development partner

Hibernate development

Hear from our customer from Colorado

«I hired Redwerk after numerous consulting engagements had hampered some project timelines. Since that initial project, which was a success, Redwerk’s team has engaged in many other products for me. I consider Redwerk a trusted partner for ongoing consulting work.» — Matt Ferrari, CTO at

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