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  • Adapt with you: We swiftly adjust as your product demands change.
  • Understand your budget: Get clear, straightforward pricing with no surprises.
  • Achieve Irish security: We adhere to strict Irish privacy and data protection laws, including GDPR and local regulations.
  • Focus on your success: We understand your objectives and design a specific development strategy.
  • Impress in seconds: Our designs are user-friendly and visually appealing.
  • Maintain code quality: Our proficient developers uphold high standards of coding.
  • Thrive in prod: We refine the final product through detailed quality assurance, deployment, and ongoing support.
  • Speak your language: We’re your software development partner who talks business, not tech talk.

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Our Software Development Services in Ireland

Code Review

Optimize your software for peak performance and safety to meet Ireland’s stringent industry standards. Our expertise ensures your code base remains secure, reliable, and consistently high-performing.

Mobile Application Development

Enhance your mobile presence with Redwerk’s development team. As we craft unique applications tailored to the Irish market, we focus on advanced functionality and a user-first design that meets your business needs.

Desktop App Development

Develop custom desktop software with Redwerk. Our solutions, crafted to thrive in Ireland’s competitive market, adapt to market shifts and user requirements. Position your product as a leader in functionality and user experience.

SaaS Development

Launch your SaaS platform with support from Redwerk’s development expertise. Our scalable, secure, and innovative solutions will position you prominently in Ireland’s dynamic business environment.

Product Development

Transform innovative ideas into high-quality software products with Redwerk’s user-centric apps, tailored for the Irish market. Deliver superior functionality and engagement for users across sectors like finance, health and wellness, and retail.

Web Development

Create high-performance web applications with Redwerk. With over 250 successful web projects designed for global needs, we’re dedicated to enhancing your online presence, driving growth, and connecting with your audience.

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How Projects Are Made









Why Choose Redwerk for Software Development in Ireland?

Effective Planning

Our project managers cut down on unnecessary features to keep within budget. With careful planning, we consistently meet client deadlines and include a business analyst to fully inform you about project goals and progress.

Team of Professionals

Our team comprises skilled software developers, UI/UX designers, DevOps, and QA engineers. With over 250 projects completed worldwide and more than 700 million users globally benefiting from our products, our track record speaks for itself.

Time Alignment

Our software development team, located across the globe, works in sync with you, perfectly matching your local Irish time zone for seamless, efficient real-time collaboration.

Cost Efficiency

We focus on delivering outstanding results while managing costs effectively. Our Irish agency handles overhead expenses, charging you only for the work performed, thus sparing you the cost and effort of recruitment.

Commitment to Excellence

Our proactive approach leads market-focused projects to industry recognition and successful acquisitions. A notable example of our impact is Current, an e-gov SaaS used by agencies in over 12 US states and counties. Interested in more examples pertinent to your sector? Check out our case studies.

Fair Pricing

We offer transparent billing and the flexibility to adjust project scopes as needed. With our Time & Material model, you stay fully aware of the services you’re receiving and can make changes as necessary.

Industries We Serve

With more than 19 years of technological experience, we deliver specialized support in areas such as media and entertainment, e-government, e-commerce, and business automation. Our comprehensive knowledge of sector-specific challenges helps ensure your investments reach their full potential.

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How do you pick a software development company in Ireland?

Look at their range of services, technological skills that match your requirements, and the success of their past projects. Also, consider reading feedback from their clients to gauge their reliability and satisfaction rate.

What are the costs of software development in Ireland?

The price of software development in Ireland varies based on aspects like the extent of the project, size of the team, infrastructure needs, and the complexity of the software. Generally, simpler MVPs might cost less, while complex software could range between €50,000 and over €250,000.

How to select a programming language for a project?

Determine the application type—web, mobile, or desktop—and explore the support ecosystem for possible programming languages. Select a language that furthers your strategic objectives and integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure for better scalability and easier upkeep.

How do you ensure data security in software development in Ireland?

Choose companies that follow stringent security protocols, such as encryption and routine audits, to meet Ireland’s strict data protection standards. We adhere to laws like the GDPR and other local regulations to protect your data effectively.

What does post-development support involve, and is it necessary?

Post-development support is vital for maintaining and improving your software after its initial release. This support covers regular updates, bug fixes, and performance boosts to ensure your software continues to deliver an excellent user experience.

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