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  • Enjoy flexibility: We quickly adapt as your product needs evolve.
  • Understand your budget: Receive straightforward, easy-to-understand pricing without any surprises.
  • Secure your data: We comply with stringent Canadian privacy and data protection laws, including PIPEDA and provincial regulations.
  • Focus on your success: We define your goals and craft a targeted development strategy.
  • Captivate your users: Our designs are both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Deploy with confidence: Our skilled developers maintain high standards of coding.
  • Polish your app: We ensure the final product is refined through comprehensive quality assurance, deployment, and ongoing support.
  • Chat easy: We’re your software development ally who talks business, not tech jargon.

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Our Software Development Services in Canada

Code Review

Optimize your software for top-notch performance and safety to meet rigorous Canadian industry standards. Our expertise keeps your code base secure, reliable, and consistently effective.

Mobile Application Development

Boost your mobile presence with Redwerk’s development squad. While crafting unique applications for the Canadian scene, we prioritize cutting-edge functionality and user-first design, tailored to suit your business demands.

Desktop App Development

Create custom desktop software with Redwerk. Our solutions, designed for victory in the competitive Canadian market, adjust to market changes and user needs. Set your product as a leader in its field for functionality and user experience.

SaaS Development

Kick off your SaaS platform with the help of Redwerk’s development know-how. Our scalable, secure, and innovative solutions will help you make a splash in the constantly shifting Canadian business landscape.

Product Development

Turn fresh ideas into top-notch software products with Redwerk’s user-friendly apps, customized for the Canadian market. Provide outstanding functionality and engagement for users in areas like finance, health and wellness, and retail.

Web Development

Craft high-performance web apps with Redwerk. Having over 250 successful web projects tailored for worldwide needs, we aim to boost your online presence, fuel growth, and connect with your target audience.

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How Projects Are Made









Why Choose Redwerk for Software Development in Canada?

Effective Planning

Our project managers trim down unnecessary features to stay within budget. With detailed planning, we consistently meet client deadlines. We also include a business analyst to keep you completely informed about project goals and progress.

Team of Professionals

Our team includes experienced software developers, UI/UX designers, DevOps, and QA engineers. With over 250 projects completed worldwide, and more than 700 million users globally benefiting from our products, our track record is clear.

Time Alignment

Our software development team, positioned around the globe, works in close coordination with you, adeptly matching your local Canadian time zone for seamless, efficient real-time collaboration.

Cost Efficiency

We prioritize delivering top results while controlling costs. Our Canadian agency covers overhead expenses, charging you only for the work done, thus saving you the trouble and expense of recruitment.

Commitment to Excellence

Our proactive approach has driven market-focused projects to industry acclaim and successful acquisitions. A prime example of our influence is Current, an e-gov SaaS utilized by agencies across more than 12 US states and counties. Looking for more examples relevant to your sector? Explore our case studies.

Fair Pricing

We provide clear billing and the ability to adjust project scopes flexibly. With our Time & Material model, you stay well-informed about the services you receive and have the flexibility to make adjustments as necessary.

Industries We Serve

With more than 19 years of tech expertise and a strong track record in Canada, we offer dedicated support across various sectors like media & entertainment, e-government, e-commerce, and business automation. Our thorough grasp of industry-specific hurdles ensures your investments bring top results.

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How to choose a software development company in Canada?

Evaluate their service offerings, technological expertise tailored to your needs, and the quality of their previous projects. Reviewing client testimonials can also shed light on their reliability and customer satisfaction.

How much does software development cost in Canada?

Software development costs in Canada can fluctuate based on factors like project scope, team size, infrastructure needs, and software complexity. Generally, a basic MVP will cost less, while more complex applications can range from $60,000 to over $300,000 CAD.

How to choose a programming language for my project?

Determine the type of application — whether it’s for web, mobile, or desktop — and assess the support ecosystem for the available programming languages. Opt for a language that supports your strategic goals and meshes well with your current systems for better scalability and maintenance.

How to maintain data security in software development for the Canadian market?

Work with firms that implement rigorous security practices, such as encryption and regular audits, to adhere to Canada’s stringent data protection laws. We comply with standards like PIPEDA and provincial privacy laws to safeguard your data efficiently.

What is post-development support, and do I need it?

Post-development support is crucial for maintaining and enhancing your software following its launch. This service includes periodic updates, bug fixes, and performance enhancements to ensure your application continues to provide a stellar user experience.

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