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  • Evolve with you: We pivot seamlessly as your product requirements change
  • Know your budget: Get clear, understandable costs with no hidden fees
  • US security assured: We ensure all software meets stringent US security standards
  • Target your success: We understand your needs and devise a focused development strategy
  • Design that delights: We create intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces
  • Code with excellence: Our experienced developers adhere to high coding standards
  • Provide QA: We deliver a polished end product through thorough quality assurance, deployment, and post-launch support
  • Speak your language: We’re your software development partner who speaks business, not IT lingo

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Our Software Development Services in the USA

Code Review

Refine your software for peak performance and enhanced security to adhere to industry standards. Our expertise ensures your code base remains robust and efficient.

Mobile Application Development

Elevate your mobile presence with Redwerk’s development team. While developing bespoke applications for the US market, we focus on innovative functionality and user-centric design customized to fit your business needs.

Desktop App Development

Develop custom desktop applications with Redwerk. Our solutions, tailored for success in the competitive US landscape, respond to market shifts and user demands. Position your product at the forefront of its category for functionality and experience.

SaaS Development

Launch your SaaS platform with Redwerk’s development expertise. Our scalable, secure, and innovative SaaS solutions empower you to make your mark in the ever-evolving US business landscape.

Product Development

Transform innovative concepts into leading-edge software products with Redwerk’s user-friendly apps, tailored for the American market. Offer exceptional utility and engagement for consumers in sectors such as finance, health and wellness, and retail.

Web Development

Build high-performance wep apps with Redwerk. With a track record of 250+ successful web development projects tailored for the global market needs, we vouch to boost your online presence, drive growth, and engage your target audience.

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Why to Choose Redwerk for Custom Software Development in US?

Effective Planning

Our project managers avoid unnecessary features to stay within budget limits. Thanks to precise planning, we consistently meet client deadlines. On top of that, we add a business analyst to communicate with you, so you are in the loop of project goals and updates for the development teams.

Team of Professionals

A team of software developers, UI/UX designers, DevOps, and QA engineers stands behind us. Let our 250+ projects across various regions speak for themselves. 700+ mln users worldwide are using products crafted by our team.

Time Alignment

Our software development team, located worldwide, coordinates closely with you. We adjust to your time zone to ensure real-time collaboration, whether you’re in North America or elsewhere.

Cost Efficiency

Prioritize results over expenses. Our software development agency covers overhead costs, charging you only for completed work. This approach saves you the hassle of recruitment, both in time and money.

Commitment to Excellence

Our hands-on approach has propelled US market-oriented projects to industry recognition and successful acquisitions. A hands-on example that is a testament to our impact is AWE Learning, a product that has reached 50% of US libraries and received a Platinum Award for Early Literacy Station. Need more examples tailored to your realm? Dive into our case studies.

Fair Pricing

We provide clear billing and offer flexibility in project scope. Through our Time & Material model, you stay informed about what you’re getting, with the ability to adjust along the way.

Industries We Serve

With 19+ years of tech experience and a solid track record in the US, we offer specialized support to various industries, including healthcare, e-government, e-commerce, and business automation. Our expertise in navigating industry challenges ensures your investments achieve optimal success.

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How to choose a software development company in the US?

Consider the development service range, technology expertise relevant to your project, and portfolio quality. Read client reviews to gain insights into reliability and customer satisfaction.

How much does software development cost in the US?

Software development costs in the US vary due to project complexity, team size, backend infrastructure, and software type. A basic MVP costs less than a feature-rich application, and the prices typically range from $50,000 to $250,000+.

How to choose a programming language for my project?

Assess the application type – web, mobile, or desktop – and the language’s platform support. Prioritize languages with robust support and resources that align with your strategic goals and integrate smoothly with existing systems, ensuring long-term scalability and maintainability.

How to ensure data security in software development for the US market?

Work with a company that employs stringent security protocols, including encryption and regular audits, to meet the rigorous data protection demands of the US market. We adhere to data protection regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and other relevant laws to ensure your safety.

What is post-development support, and do I need it?

Post-development support involves ongoing services after your software’s initial launch. This includes updates, bug fixes, and performance enhancements critical for maintaining an optimal user experience.

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