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Custom Android application development is an attractive service that we offer because the Android platform is used by over 1 billion active users around the world. If your company needs to reach a wide, diverse audience positioned across the globe, then our Android app development services could be perfect for you.

Android continues to be one of the fastest-growing operating systems available on mobile to this day. With such a large international user base, and few compatibility issues, it’s safe to say that Android development outsourcing services are high in demand. And, that’s exactly what Redwerk is here for.

Java is at the heart of the Android platform, and Redwerk offers you a number of Java-savvy developers who are at the forefront of the best Android app design and development. When you decide to work with Redwerk, you can rest assured that each of our Android developers have at least 2+ years of development experience, and a track record of successful project completions.

Redwerk knows the best ways to go about choosing the right technology for the right platform whether you’re considering an iPhone applications development or Android apps. We are determined to help your company achieve maximum mobile app downloads, increased sales, exceptional branding and even hands-off business automation.

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Why Us

Skilled Android Java Developers

If you’re looking to outsource Android development, you should know that Redwerk employs skilled developers who are experienced in Java, which is the programming language used to build Android apps.

Management and Communication

When you outsource your Android development project to Redwerk, you’ll have a dedicated team of developers, and a business analyst working directly with you. This makes communication a breeze. Plus, our team’s excellent English skills makes it easy for you to express your ideas, and get the end-result that you need.

Legal Protection

We’ll sign your Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure that your project is kept confidential, and restricted from access to third parties.

Price Advantage

Outsourcing to Eastern Europe ensures that you receive the best build-quality and pricing on custom Android app development in the world. Our rates are up to 35% less expensive than most development firms, with the added benefit of superior build quality.

Intellectual Property Rights

Your property is yours to keep. Intellectual Property rights on software are always transferred to the client.

Working Hours & Time Zones

Depending on your location, we can typically adjust our schedule to ensure that there will be a mutual time when we can communicate in real-time.

Our Customers

Customers who used our custom Android app development services.

Cleanagents outsourced Android development to Redwerk
WorldNow hired dedicated team of Redwerk for an application development
Universal Music Group outsourced application development to Redwerk company
eNomad used Redwerk's programmers for custom Android application development

Custom Android App Development Case Study

Redwerk was contracted with an innovative startup CleanAgents. Our team developed an application for the simple ordering of such a traditional service as cleaning. The app allows cleaners to view and receive orders from customers nearby, and use the map for viewing routing options to reach their workplace quickly. CleanAgents have already provided the service through the website, and adding an Android app was a necessary step in service development. For Android-based developing, our devs used libraries such as GreendAAO, Retrofit, EventBus which allowed creating the high performing application in a short time span.

Custom Android app development by Redwerk for Cleanagents
I can thoroughly recommend Redwerk for various web development projects both Mobile and Web based. Redwerk was building an Android app for our service and I was satisfied with time and quality of work.
Sergiej Rewiakin CleanAgents partner

Sergiej Rewiakin, Co-Founder at

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