Advanced Consultancy ERP

Advanced ERP System

for a leading Portuguese IT consultancy company was built by Redwerk in partnership with JBay Solutions

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JBay Solutions is a Java- and Open Source-oriented software development service provider.

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Fixed project quotes were provided to JBay by Redwerk for this software development assignment. It was possible because JBay delivered a full-scale scope document including UI mockups and detailed business logic specifications.

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Business Automation

Management of customers, purchase orders, services, invoicing, payments and employees with very business-specific workflows. We fully understand the consultancy business to automate it in this very instance.

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The IT consultancy company required an advanced web-based service management tool for organization and tracking. The project’s key goal was providing managers, consultants and accountants with the ability to manage customers, purchase orders, services, invoicing, payments and employees.

Main functionalities include:

  • Services defined as a group of employees allocated for the function acquired by a client
  • Hourly packages to offer clients a choice of extra and overtime hours
  • Notion of functions, which must be associated with a service immediately following a client’s service purchase
  • Invoice generation
  • Reporting with hourly figures (normal, overtime and on-call) and expenses

The project’s spec, written partly in Portuguese requiring an in-house translation, numbered over 60 pages. The company modified the description of several modules (commissions, purchase orders and invoices generation) throughout the development stages. However, in spite of these changes and language variances, only a few mockups were necessary on the UI side.


To meet JBay’s client’s demand for an extensive UI, Redwerk selected GWT to build it. Doing so dramatically reduced development costs compared to creating it from the ground up using HTML/CSS and Javascript. SOAP calls were integrated and respective web services used since the app had to assimilate with a broader existing ecosystem of other parts and databases (like the employee directory). Our SOAP interface allows other services to easily integrate.

The application was designed with multi-layered architecture in mind. A business logic layer was implemented using a rich domain model pattern. Both business logic and business data are encapsulated in model classes, which are housed in a database using a data access layer. The data access layer uses JPA and its implementation, Oracle Toplink, as an interface to the database. The services layer was implemented as a set of stateless beans. For communication between it and the next layer (GWT services), data transfer objects were used. Data visualization was finished using SmartGWT (GWT-based framework for quick creation of AJAX applications).

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At the project’s end, Redwerk and JBay implemented a sophisticated ERP System in spite of a strict time deadline made even tighter by having to clarify and translate parts of the spec written in Portuguese. The customer’s need for an advanced web-based service management tool for organization and tracking organization was met. And today, thousands of the firm’s employees continue to benefit from our powerful collaboration.

Web-based service management tool
Service management tool for organization and tracking
Javascript development
CSS development
SOAP interface development
Multi-layered architecture app
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JPA data access

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