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Who We Are

Redwerk is a software development outsourcing company with two software development centers in Ukraine, in the cities of Kyiv and Zaporizhzhia. Our core business is to establish and service fully managed dedicated software development teams in Ukraine, as well as deliver custom software development projects for our customers world-wide.

One-Stop Shop

Redwerk is your one-stop shop for software development. We can help with: requirements analysis, custom solutions, architecture, UI/UX design, development, testing, deployment, maintenance, system administration, and support.

Big and Small

Our customers are established businesses like Hosting.com or Universal Music Group, as well as small but successful startups like Linktiger or Animatron.

US and Europe Presence

We meet you where you are. Our company has presence in both Europe (Germany) and the United States (New York).

Why Us

Technical Skillset

Redwerk’s dedicated development team has a perfect mix of expertise in different technologies, platforms, and practices, so they can find the best solution for your project. It’s a great advantage when you need a cross-platform solution too. Web, desktop, and mobile can be created under one roof.

Perfect Process

Following the highest standards and improving our service in all possible directions, we’ve achieved polished bulletproof software development process with top quality project management. With this advanced approach, we’ve minimized all the routine for our customers and streamlined project delivery practice.

Idea Validation

We can scope and build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to validate your business concept. It saves time, money and once everything looks good, you can move forward with a full-scale product.

Cost and Value

Custom software development is a big investment. And an even bigger risks. But, Redwerk specializes in mitigating risk and delivering maximum value for your budget.

Fast Ramp-Up

With our vast resource pool and dynamic team allocation, we’re able to start working on your project in no time.

Business Analysis

We take an honest look at your business model and target audience. This allows us to craft a software solution that genuinely helps your company and your customers thrive.

Life in Redwerk is

Dedicated software development team of Redwerk (Ukraine): how we live
Dedicated software development team of Redwerk (Ukraine): how we live


There are a lot of talented IT specialists in Ukraine, some with the unique sets of skills. To bring them all together, we started holding the monthly Dev Meetups. On each meetup, we make presentations on everything topical in the IT sphere. And attendees are free to ask any questions or give their own presentations in the end. Nearly 600 participants have registered since our first Meetup, and the public interest seems to be only growing.

over 600 unique attendees

networking and brainstorming

compelling speakers & topics


Applying for a job in our company, you don’t have to worry about any prejudice. We support diversity and are 100% free of any gender, race or age stereotypes. We value our workers for their achievements first of all. We think that a person should only be judged by his or her actions. So we create equally comfortable conditions for each and every employee in our office.

youngest employee is just 19

40% of the team is women

no salary gap


There are a lot of people in need around all of us. Our company wants to bring at least a bit of happiness and hope to those who require it most. Redwerk never misses an opportunity to help someone, so our participation in charity initiatives wasn’t a surprising course of our action. But we don’t just sit and wait till an opportunity appears. Often we start such initiatives ourselves.

caring about employees kids

helping nursing homes and foster families

providing medicines for local facilities


In 2016 our company started a Go-Green Initiative. The reason we are doing this to the present day is that the environmental situation is not getting better by itself, and we wanted to affect it in a positive way. You would think that eco-initiatives would be hard and very expensive. But in fact, at some point, they not only let you live in a healthier, less polluted World, but also help you save money. If you want to find out, how exactly is this possible, check out our article on Go-Green tips and tricks.

eco-friendly wares

sorting and recycling

reduced electricity usage

Our Team

Konstantin Klyagin



Business Analyst

Alina Uvarova



Creative Director


Development Team Lead



Our Mission

Redwerk helps established businesses of all sizes create software products by delivering unparalleled talent, dedication, and value to provide a seamless and smooth outsourcing experience to customers.


Business Analyst


Senior Full Stack Developer

Redwerk’s Team

We are proud and happy to be working together, and our synergy as a team together with our corporate spirit are great extensions to our professional qualities.

Natali Dmitrenko

IT Recruiter

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Redwerk Company Hits  Years!

In we celebrate our proven success: exciting years of thrilling projects and productive work.
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Being on the technology side of things, we were a part of success for our customers, who won prestigious awards for the solutions we developed.

Redwerk awards
Champions of Change, the White HouseFor YouTown mobile e-government startup
Redwerk award
Best Web Tool, Webhostingsearch.comFor Linktiger SaaS broken links checker
Redwerk award Red Herring
Red Herring Top 100 Global FinalistFor Pagefreezer Web and Social Media archiving service

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Off- and On-Site Work

We love to travel. If there is ever a need to deploy your dedicated resources on-site, we will be glad to come where you are. Also, pay us a visit in Ukraine.
It’s a nice and welcoming country and you will love it here.

United States
New York City, NY
+1 (347) 329-1444

+49 (302) 886-7301

Kyiv and Zaporizhzhia
+380 (73) 403-6422