Ukraine public holiday calendar 2017

Holidays in every season are a fantastic way to relax, to travel and to connect with family and friends.

Though the majority of national holidays in Ukraine (where our development centers located) are based on strong religious and cultural traditions, we honor the diversity and adopt many international celebrations. This unique mix of pagan and Christian, ancient and new festivals enriches our lives and brings the inspiration to everything we do.

But don’t worry, despite a number of Ukrainian holidays Redwerk team always does the tasks on time and never compromises the quality. And don’t forget about famous Ukrainian hospitality and how we love to host guests, so don’t hesitate to reserve a day from our public holiday’s calendar to pay us a visit!

Wishing you joy, love, and peace in 2017 and for years ahead!

Ukrainian calendar 2017 - Official holidays in Ukraine

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Redwerk is a custom software development agency that helps conceptualize, test and launch the software development projects to our customers in USA, Canada and EU. Our core business is to establish and service fully managed dedicated software development teams in Ukraine and constantly implement new approaches and best practices in software development.

Ukraine holiday calendar 2017
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