Top Tech Events in 2024: Quarter 1 Ultimate Guide

Top Tech Events
The Ultimate Guide by Redwerk
Quarter 1: January, February, March

New Year’s resolutions often center around achieving new goals. What are your resolutions this time? If you’re reading this passage, you’re undoubtedly striving to become a better professional! So, start the year off on the right foot and build upon what motivates you.

Redwerk has prepared a list containing highly technical conferences for frontend, backend, and mobile developers, as well as semi-technical meetups focused more on understanding what’s going on in the tech scene in general. Get up, stick with your goals, and let’s nail 2024!

THAT Conference, January 30 - February 2, Texas, USA, offline

THAT Conference is a family-friendly event hosted at the beautiful Kalahari Resort and Waterpark, offering a mix of workshops, sessions, open spaces, and networking opportunities. It brings together code enthusiasts to discuss current trends, get inspired, and learn.

Ideal for software geeks eager to explore mobile, web, cloud, and technology, THAT Conference provides diverse learning opportunities for career advancement. Participants can enjoy three days of professional sessions across various technologies and skill levels.

At THAT Conference, attendees will delve into topics like cloud design patterns, E2E testing best practices, modern CSS features, and bot design and development tricks. Speakers will cover topics such as building AI-powered web apps and kickstarting community initiatives.

The THAT Camper ticket includes breakfast, lunch, BBQ, coffee, and beverages. The event also features fun networking activities like Game Night, Happy Hour, and Patio Campfire. Group and student discounts are available.


  • From $99, family sessions
  • From $599, THAT Camper No Food ticket

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BASTA!, February 12-16, Frankfurt, Germany, hybrid

BASTA! is a conference dedicated to .NET, Windows, and Open Innovation. It’s recognized as the premier independent event for Microsoft, Cloud, and Web Technologies for over two decades.

Here you’ll experience over 70 powerful workshops, sessions, and keynotes, led by more than 50 renowned speakers from diverse business and industry backgrounds. In 2024, delegates will explore topics like .NET Framework & C#, Agile & DevOps, Data Access & Storage, JavaScript, Web Development, Azure & Cloud, Microservices & APIs, User Interface (UI), and Security.

Speakers will delve into cutting-edge subjects such as C# 12, generative AI, modern cloud architecture, Azure, domain-driven transformation, Cypress, and Playwright, among other things.

BASTA! not only offers valuable learning experiences but also provides networking opportunities during breaks and a catered lunch. The event takes place at the Frankfurt am Main Marriott Hotel, and you can also participate virtually from anywhere.


  • From €719, 2-day online ticket (around $785)
  • From €899, 2-day onsite ticket (around $985)

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DevOps.js, February 15-16, virtual

DevOps.js brings together over 5,000 JavaScript developers and architects involved in building infrastructure, setting up pipelines, and deploying JavaScript applications.

This year’s topics span Build tools, CI/CD, Security, Monitoring, Performance, Edge runtimes, Code quality, Monorepo, and HumanOps. Renowned speakers from industry giants like Microsoft, Google Cloud, DORA, Datadog, and Vercel will share insights.

Here you’ll learn about continuous improvement, the significance of SLOs in SRE/DevOps, SSR evolution, safe atomic deployments, and the future of CI. Speakers will illustrate methods for ultra-fast application delivery, automating accessibility testing in CI/CD for enhanced developer experiences, package management with npm, pnpm, and Yarn.

The conference offers a fantastic opportunity for global developers and architects to watch HD streaming sessions from home and engage in virtual video chat rooms with speakers. Participants can even earn a free full ticket by sharing their personal badge on Twitter or Linkedin — check the website for details!


  • From €46, remote ticket (around $50)

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Civo Navigate North America, February 20-21, Austin, Texas, USA, offline

Civo Navigate North America is a 2-day tech event tailored for software developers, engineers, C-level executives, and IT specialists, with a focus on navigating and succeeding within the cloud-native landscape.

Featuring experts from big names such as GitHub, AWS, and Dell, the 2024 edition will offer 40 talks and 10 workshops, ensuring attendees gain actionable insights aligned with their proficiency. Topics range from Kubernetes Machine Learning and GitOps to Security, WASM, Edge Computing, DevOps, Observability, and Cloud Native Transformation.

How to use machine learning to prevent attacks and provide preemptive web app & API threat protection? How ephemeral environments can enhance agility and provide a more flexible approach to tackling development challenges? How to securely deploy dashboards? How to run WebAssembly inside Civo Kubernetes? How AI is revolutionizing game design and player interactions? You’ll find well-argued answers to these questions at Civo Navigate North America.

Set at The Alumni Center, surrounded by century-old oak trees, the venue offers a unique experience for attendees and sponsors alike.


  • From $300, standard ticket

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DeveloperWeek, February 21-23, San Francisco, USA, hybrid

DeveloperWeek is the world’s largest developer and engineering expo + conference, uniting over 8,000 professionals for two days to connect, learn, and evolve.

Developers, engineers, software architects, dev teams, managers, and tech executives from 70+ countries are invited to engage in roundtable talks, educational sessions, and networking events. Here you’ll meet some of the greatest minds innovating at Google, Microsoft, Slack, Adobe, GitHub, Atlassian, The New York Times, Red Hat, and other world-known companies.

At DeveloperWeek, attendees will discover how dev leaders can help their teams adapt to change, how to build an engineering platform that engineers want to use, how to seamlessly integrate open-source data from anywhere into React applications, and how to define a true MVP.

Participants will leave with a deepened understanding of the mindset required for revolutionary software product design, the art of productizing data and APIs, and actionable strategies for building understandable AI systems that address ethical quandaries.

The event will be held at the Oakland Convention Center, situated in the heart of the East Bay’s largest urban center, and online.


  • From $930, PRO pass

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MWC Barcelona, February 26-29, Barcelona, Spain, offline

MWC Barcelona is a large-scale tech event that brings together nearly 90K attendees from over 200 countries and territories.

Whether you’re a global mobile operator, device manufacturer, technology provider, vendor, content owner, or simply interested in the future of tech, this is the place to be. For 2024, the crew has invited some of the most remarkable minds from top global companies, international governments, and trailblazing tech businesses.

Participants will explore how technological advancements such as robotics, AI, satellites, and space technologies, are accelerating actions. Speakers will discuss the rapid developments in digital technology, the mobile industry’s role in revolutionizing digital identity in 2024, and how various industries are harnessing 5G to enhance operational agility.

The event will take place at the Fira Gran Via trade center, situated outside of Barcelona along the route to the airport.


  • From €879 + VAT, Discovery Exhibition Pass (around $960)
  • From €2199 + VAT, Leader's Conference Pass (around $2405)

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JSWorld Conference, February 28 - March 1, Amsterdam, Netherlands, offline

JSWorld Conference is a tech festival welcoming 2500 JavaScript Developers from 50+ countries.

Here you’ll dive deep into key topics like TypeScript, Node.js, React, Vue, Angular 15, Qwik, Vite, AuthZ, Demystifying Protocol Buffers, and gRPC. Among the speakers are experts from market leaders like Google and Spotify.

This is the largest developer community gathering globally, featuring a thrilling 23,000 sqm Tech Expo with the latest gadgets. It’s a developer’s Disneyland with Dota & CS Tournaments, Coding Challenges, 3D Printing, and more!

Attendees can opt for the full 3-day experience, including Vuejs Amsterdam, or a 1-day ticket for Friday, March 1, 2024, covering a wide range of topics for informed decision-making as a JavaScript Developer.

The conference, held at Theater Amsterdam, promises an amazing experience. JSWorld offers networking opportunities and the chance to explore Amsterdam with fellow developers through boat tours, diverse restaurants, bars, and nightlife.


  • From €363 + VAT, 1-day ticket (around $400)

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DevWorld Conference, February 29 - March 1, Amsterdam, Netherlands, hybrid

DevWorld is a 2-day conference uniting 7,500 developers from 3,500 global companies in Amsterdam and 2,500 enthusiasts online. The event boasts 200 unique talks, daily networking, rooftop parties across Amsterdam, city tours, and night programs.

You’ll meet experts from Google, Spotify, Microsoft, Adobe, Zoom, Porsche, Netflix, Amazon, and other globally recognized companies. DevWorld speakers cover topics ranging from Leadership, JavaScript, Java, Full Stack, PHP, DevOps & Cloud, AI – ChatGPT, to Blockchain, and more.

Attendees will deepen their knowledge of building dynamic applications using C#. They will learn how to start with blockchain development, how to leverage code generators and AI to optimize developer efficiency, how to lead an engineering team, and how to make technical decisions.

Also, a ticket includes 2-hour masterclasses on informative topics such as reverse engineering, iOS application runtime manipulation, blockchain, and playful programming! The conference venue is the RAI Amsterdam Convention Center.


  • From €363 + VAT, full ticket (around $400)

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Open Source Day, March 7-8, Florence, Italy, hybrid

Open Source Day is a two-day event catering to maintainers, junior developers, senior developers, engineering managers, and full-stack professionals, with a special focus on the open-source environment.

While the conference program for this edition is yet to be announced, a glimpse into past talks suggests discussions spanning web technologies, frameworks, AI, open-source projects, community engagement, DevOps practices, and design. All sessions will be held in English.

For the fourth edition, organizers are actively seeking valuable open-source experiences. They’re on the lookout for project maintainers or creators willing to share their projects, as well as individuals with broader experience in the open-source world beyond just software engineering.

This year’s event will take place at Nana Bianca, a versatile venue located in the heart of Florence. Conveniently, it’s only a 15-minute walk from the main station, Firenze SMN.

The conference kicks off at 9 am and will be available for online viewing. It’s completely free — simply register for either in-person attendance or online participation. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the conference organizers via email, which you can find on the main website.


  • Free

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DDX Innovation & UX Conference, March 2, Dubai, offline

DDX Innovation & UX Conference is a must-attend for designers, entrepreneurs, and anyone passionate about cutting-edge user experiences. It’s the perfect hub for professionals and enthusiasts to stay ahead of trends, learn from top-notch experts, and network with the vibrant innovation community.

At the event, you’ll have the opportunity to meet 18 world-class professionals from Google, Meta, Omnipresent, IKEA, and other renowned companies. They will discuss the future of product UX leadership, responsible UX & AI, nuances of designing for the global and MEMA markets, and the future of service design.

Here you’ll also learn how UX and AI will transform our future and discover strategies for maintaining a human-centered approach in an increasingly technological world.

Your ticket grants you entry to both the conference and workshops, with complimentary drinks, coffee, and food included. The event will be held at the luxurious Sofitel Dubai Downtown. Don’t forget to elevate your experience further by using the exclusive promo code “Redwerk-DDX-20” to enjoy a 20% discount!


  • From €195, early bird ticket (around $215)
  • Promo Code (20% off): Redwerk-DDX-20.

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Tech Show London, March 6-7, London, UK, offline

Tech Show London is a two-day event featuring an impressive lineup of globally recognized speakers and exhibitors.

With a single ticket, attendees gain free access to five cutting-edge technology shows: Cloud Expo Europe, DevOps Live, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, Big Data & AI World, and Data Centre World. Among the speakers are world-class scientists, C-level executives, government representatives, academics, and pioneers in technology, AI, and cybersecurity.

Keynote speakers will address crucial industry topics in 2024, including policy and tech strategy amid potential government changes, recruitment, equity and inclusion, changes in the workforce, effective leadership, innovative work cultures, extraterrestrial exploration, sustainability, ethics, and the environment. They will delve into the impact of AI, cybersecurity, and changes in the world of data.

C-Level attendees are invited to an exclusive Green Room — a relaxed, commercial-free space with complimentary beverages. The event will take place at ExCeL London, an international exhibition and convention center in the Custom House area of Newham, East London.


  • Free

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CloudFest 2024, March 18-21, Rust, Germany, offline

CloudFest is a major internet infrastructure event that brings together the global cloud computing industry. It caters to both global hyperscale platforms and emerging service providers, offering exceptional value for all attendees.

With over 250 speakers, the lineup includes notable figures like the Co-Founder of Apple, the Inventor of Java, an Apollo 11 astronaut at NASA, the Founder of Wikipedia, and the Inventor of the World Wide Web. The speaker list is truly impressive! The key theme for 2024 is “Uniting the Nations of Cloud,” with subthemes exploring cybersecurity, AI, value-added services, and more.

Participants will discover how AI and supercomputing advancements can unlock previously unattainable opportunities in managing dynamic hardware. They’ll also build a robust toolbox of products and services to attract a larger and more valuable customer base.

This world-class event takes place at the spectacular Europa-Park. CloudFest organizers have been hosting events at this exclusive resort since 2012.


  • From €499 + VAT, standard pass (around $545)

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Stand With Ukraine

This event list doesn’t include any from Ukraine because ongoing safety concerns prevent hosting tech events here. Yet, we are not giving up. Ukraine is home to talented IT specialists with a global reputation, and despite the challenges, they remain passionate about their work.

By supporting ICT experts from Ukraine, you can expect timely delivery of high-quality software that fulfills its promises and meets user expectations. Redwerkers, working with dedication and motivation, have been supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine for two years, contributing to the country’s economic growth.

Stand with Ukraine by working with Ukraine! If you share our values and want to support Ukraine in its fight for freedom and democracy, let’s collaborate! We’d love to delve into the specifics of your project.

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