Top Tech events in 2023: Quarter 3 Ultimate Guide

Top Tech Events
The Ultimate Guide by Redwerk
Quarter 3: July, August, September

We’ve curated a lineup of the world’s most impactful tech conferences, tailored to ignite your curiosity, fuel your ambition, and empower you with hands-on expertise. From AI to cybersecurity and cloud computing, you’ll gain invaluable insights that will revolutionize your understanding of the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Secure the early bird ticket by registering for one of the upcoming tech events as soon as possible! Take advantage of exclusive group ticket discounts and gather your colleagues or friends to join you on this exciting adventure. This is an incredible opportunity to supercharge your skills and gain the competitive edge you’ve been seeking. Are you ready? Let’s begin!

VSLive! @Microsoft HQ, July 17-21, Redmond, Washington, United States, offline

VSLive! @Microsoft HQ is a conference specifically designed for developers, software architects, systems analysts, engineers, and designers looking to enhance their skills in Microsoft Visual Studio 2022, .NET 7, JavaScript, Copilot, DevOps, Angular, MAUI, Blazor, and TypeScript.

This year VSLive! celebrates its 30th Anniversary of delivering cutting-edge techniques to solve development challenges using the latest technologies compatible with the Microsoft Platform.

The conference speakers will delve into the latest updates in .NET 7 APIs, analytics with the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform, Azure functions for .NET developers, large AI models and generative AI beyond ChatGPT, what’s next in C#, shifting left on security with GitHub, software design patterns for everyday life, and T-SQL for cloud-native developers.
Delegates are invited to attend workshops led by industry experts covering various topics, including utilizing new features in Azure SQL, building a Cosmos DB application in C#, and querying Cosmos DB using SQL. Additionally, experts in Blazor, WebAssembly, and enterprise development will explain why and when to use Blazor, how to build Blazor apps, and how to implement authentication and authorization.

The venue is the Microsoft Commons Mixer (Building 98) and the Learning Center (Building 92), Redmond, WA.


  • From $650, full-day workshop pass
  • From $2100, 3-day conference package

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Middlesbrough Front End, July 19, Middlesbrough, UK, offline

Middlesbrough Front End is a dynamic meetup dedicated to front-end development, welcoming top industry professionals from across Europe.

The conference covers a range of topics, including unlocking new layout opportunities and improving editing experiences with content-first thinking, the future of user authentication, the benefits of Astro’s island architecture, and an introduction to AstroJS and its key features.

Through these insightful talks, attendees will gain valuable knowledge on how to create a better developer experience in projects by writing code with intent, how to build a virtual keyboard using the Web Audio API, how to translate musical notes to JavaScript, and how to succeed with open source.

The conference venue, The Town Hall Crypt, located at the heart of Middlesbrough, sets the stage for an inspiring event.


  • From £85, conference pass (around $110)

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WeAreDevelopers World Congress, July 27-28, Berlin, Germany, offline

The WeAreDevelopers World Congress is the ultimate destination for gaining a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends and innovations that are shaping the world of software development. This event is a must for software developers, tech decision-makers, UI/UX engineers, software architects, DevOps engineers, security specialists, product owners, and QA engineers.

Over 300 speakers will be sharing their knowledge on popular programming languages such as Java, .NET, JavaScript, and TypeScript. The topics range from software architecture, frameworks, and libraries to modern web development, UI/UX, functional programming, DevOps practices, and much more. Participants can expect discussions on key areas such as CI/CD, testing, security, MLOps, AI/machine learning, blockchain, and IoT.

All talks will be recorded and made available for participants to watch on the WeAreDevelopers platform after the event. To enhance the overall experience, the Congress App will be available, providing attendees with the complete program schedule, session reminders, exhibitor information, chat functionalities, and additional valuable resources.

The exact address of the Congress venue is Messe Berlin – South Entrance & CityCube, Jafféstrasse, Berlin, Germany.


  • From €439 + VAT, congress pass (around $480)

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CityJS, July 26-28, Singapore, offline

The CityJS Singapore Conference is a dynamic event that brings together JavaScript enthusiasts, developers, solution architects, and other tech individuals from around the world.

If you’re passionate about JS Frameworks, NodeJS, Jamstack, TypeScript, CI/CD, Testing, and IoT, this conference offers an ideal platform for sharing knowledge and fostering innovation within the JavaScript community.

During the workshops, attendees will dive into a variety of topics, including GraphQL and Typescript, Unit Testing, API Testing, UI testing, reducing JavaScript usage with Astro, and building chatbots with Vonage Messaging API and ChatGPT.

The main conference will include captivating discussions on subjects such as the extensive capabilities of GraphQL, the role of AI in enhancing media experiences, supercharging web applications with headless and modern frontend frameworks, the future of machine learning using JavaScript, and the importance of prioritizing accessibility in web development.

Mark your calendars for July 28, as the conference will take place at the Lifelong Learning Institute – Learning Hub in Singapore. Please note that meetups, workshops, and the conference itself will be held at different locations. More updates will be added soon on the official website.


  • From $228, standard ticket
  • Several free workshops available

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Copenhagen Developers Festival, August 28 - September 1, Copenhagen, Denmark, offline

Copenhagen Developers Festival is a 5-day event for software developers, featuring over 110 talented speakers and artists from around the globe. The comprehensive program of the conference consists of 13 workshops, 120 conference talks, and 2 festival evenings filled with music and fun.

During the sessions, attendees will discover techniques to make their applications more testable, maintainable and resilient. They will also gain insights into writing high performance .NET code, learn how to build robust UI components, understand how live activity works, and how to use third-party products to find and fix performance issues.

The workshops offer opportunities to level up in machine learning, delve deeper into different vulnerabilities, understand what makes a good microservice, what gRPC is and how it fits in an API context, explore how to build an event sourced system in C#, and how to build a GraphQL server with ASP.NET Core 7.

After informative days, the evenings provide a perfect opportunity to unwind, taste local food, and enjoy the music of DJs and live bands. The event will be hosted in Kødbyen, the vibrant Meatpacking District in central Copenhagen, just a short distance from the central train station.


  • From 8900 DKK, 3-day conference and festival pass (around $1300)
  • From 10900 DKK, workshop pass (around $1595)

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Web Summer Camp, August 31 - September 2, Opatija, Croatia, offline

Web Summer Camp is the summer’s most unique conference for web developers and professionals, offering insights into emerging trends and best practices for new tools and technologies.

The first two days of workshops will be dedicated to web design and development, focusing on UX, Javascript, PHP, and Symfony. On the third day, attendees can look forward to inspiring talks and presentations by renowned experts in the web industry, covering relevant topics. The fourth and final day will provide participants with a well-deserved opportunity to relax and enjoy a trip across the picturesque Kvarner Bay.

The keynote sessions will explore subjects such as AI and creativity, CSS features, design systems, design principles, and composable architecture. Can code always be replaced by competent UI? How can we inject code into our platforms in a way that makes sense for non-developers? How does Web3 work, and what is the right way to develop websites? How can composable architecture improve the developer experience and help ship things faster? These questions, along with many others, will be answered during the event.

The luxurious Ambasador hotel, situated near the center of Opatija on the beautiful Adriatic coast, will serve as the venue for this event.


  • From €160 + VAT, conference day ticket (around $175)
  • From €580 + VAT, conference and Javascript workshops (around $635)

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VOICE & AI, September 5-7, Washington, DC, United States, hybrid

VOICE & AI is a premier event that brings the global conversational and generative AI communities together. It offers a platform to explore custom assistants, ChatGPT apps, digital humans, open source platforms and discover the latest innovations in AI, machine learning, data training, LLMs, and prompt engineering.

Attendees can expect to listen to leading industry experts from renowned companies such as Apple, GitHub, Salesforce, Walmart, OpenAI, and many more. This event is designed for a diverse audience, including software engineers, product managers, data scientists, marketing leaders, prompt design / engineers, linguistics specialists, and analysts.

Through informative sessions, participants will gain an understanding of the massive positive implication of generative AI. They will learn about how LangChain can fit into their overall development toolkit, the principles of prompt engineering for chatbot development, the importance of HCI in design, the four business risks of AI Chatbots and actionable tactics to address them. The speakers will also delve into the significance of data in AI-driven software development.

At VOICE & AI, attendees can expect not only enriching sessions but also a range of experiences to enjoy. They will have the opportunity to attend multiple receptions and engage in interactive experiences. The event will be hosted at the Washington Hilton located on upper Connecticut Avenue, within walking distance of DC’s Metro subway system.


  • From $695, in-person single-day pass
  • From $795, virtual pass

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React Native EU, September 7-8, Wroclaw, Poland, offline

React Native EU stands as the premier community conference in Europe, dedicated to all things React Native. It provides a unique opportunity for RN developers to expand their knowledge by learning from Core Contributors and industry leaders such as Callstack, Microsoft, and Meta.

Alongside a lineup of esteemed speakers and industry experts, the conference organizers invited a distinguished guest, Guenther Steiner, the Haas Formula 1 Team Principal.

The conference features informative sessions where attendees can learn about React’s rendering system, creating design systems in React Native, Storybook, React Native animations in 2023, scaling PlayStation App with React Native, and integrating AI features in a React Native App. Additionally, Callstack experts will conduct four training sessions to help developers of all levels enhance their skills.

The 7th edition of React Native EU will be hosted at the prestigious Centennial Hall in Wrocław, Poland, near the renowned Pergola, Szczytnicki Park, and Japanese Garden. The event will wrap up with an enjoyable afterparty filled with fun activities and delicious food.


  • From €550 + VAT, regular ticket (around $600)

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AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit, September 12-14, Santa Clara, California, United States, offline

The AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit is a comprehensive event that focuses on the design and implementation of machine learning hardware and software infrastructure across the cloud-edge continuum.

This year’s summit is expected to attract over 1,000 attendees from various fields. It offers enterprise ML experts a wide range of hardware and software tools and techniques for training, deploying, and serving machine learning models. The summit is an ideal platform for software providers, consultants, and technology vendors to connect with potential customers.

It will feature case studies covering diverse topics, including generative AI, simulation and digital twins, computer vision, NLP, automotive AI, TinyML, and extreme edge. Renowned speakers will delve into MLOps, ML software infrastructure, software tools, and discuss novel training methods such as federated, distributed, active, and multimodal learning. Plus, there will be product launches, demos, and showcases on the expanded exhibition floor.

Key presentations will include ML systems and services, data-centric AI and its implications for ML systems, rapid discovery and design of new AI hardware, and the future of enterprise AI.

The event will be held at the Santa Clara Marriott, conveniently located just a 5-minute drive from Levi’s Stadium and California’s Great America. The complete list of sponsors, keynotes, sessions, workshops, and speakers will be announced in the upcoming weeks.


  • From $699, in-person conference pass

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Shift, September 18-19, Zadar, Croatia, hybrid

Shift is a two-day hybrid conference with multiple panel discussions, a web3 stage, startup stage, exhibit hall, workshops, and afterparties. It brings together over 10,000 virtual attendees and 4,000 in-person participants, including founders, leaders, software developers, engineers, and various IT professionals from around the globe.

The conference offers a great opportunity to connect with individuals in three distinct networking areas and engage with international tech experts, regional and global companies, startups, potential clients, and business partners on the EXPO floor.

At Shift, you can expect to hear from over 50 world-class speakers representing prominent developer companies like,, Edge and Node, Kiwi, Chewy, and many more. The most dominant tech companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, and Google will also be in attendance.

Shift is set in one of the largest venues in Croatia – Visnjik sports center. Stay tuned for the announcement of the complete lineup of speakers by regularly checking the official website for the latest updates on the program.


  • Free for online attendees, a limited pass
  • From €240 + VAT, regular standard pass (around $265)

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International JavaScript Conference, September 25-28, New York, United States, hybrid

The International JavaScript Conference offers a unique opportunity to stay ahead in the constantly evolving JavaScript world. With topics ranging from Angular and React to WebAssembly, and from Progressive Web Apps to JAMstack, over 40 international experts will share their insights on the present and future of JavaScript.

At iJS, you will have the chance to listen to expert-led speeches covering various JavaScript topics. These include JavaScript functions, React Server Components (RSCs), the future of web frontends, time zones in TypeScript, React and Smart Contracts, authoring HTML in a JavaScript world, building a serverless B2B authorization service, customizing an Angular App at build- or runtime, and testing with Cypress and Playwright.

During the 4-day event, which includes workshops, sessions, and keynotes, attendees will have ample networking opportunities to connect with other JS enthusiasts. The workshops will provide valuable insights into building fast web applications using Qwik and QwikCity, implementing modern secure user authentication in web apps, testing modern web applications with Cypress, and exploring the modern Angular application landscape.

For those attending in person, the venue is the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge. Alternatively, you can join iJS from the comfort of your home and watch the sessions online.


  • From $629, 1-day pass
  • From $629, workshop day

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JSDayIE, September 26, Dublin, Ireland, hybrid

JSDayIE 2023 is exclusively devoted to the JavaScript community. With 500 attendees, it brings together renowned JS experts and organizations, highlighting exceptional talent from Ireland and across the globe.

The conference speakers will discuss various topics, including the latest and greatest developments in the open source TypeScript tooling space, JavaScript runtimes, how Nx can help manage a monorepo, how bits of information are stored in the computer’s RAM, the rise of Machine Learning in the world of JavaScript, and how to build an authentication system using passkeys. They will also explore React build tools such as Webpack and Babel, Vite, Parcel, Turbopack, Rollup, and delve into their respective benefits and drawbacks.

The conference offers a variety of ticket types to accommodate your interests, availability, and budget. JSDayIE 2023 will be hosted at The Round Room, located at The Mansion House in the heart of Dublin. The after-party will be held just 100 meters away from the main venue at Cafe en Seine.


  • From €15, for online attendees (around $20)
  • From €165, in-person ticket (around $180)

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DEV: Challenge Accepted, September 30, Sofia, Bulgaria, hybrid

DEV: Challenge Accepted is a one-day conference specifically designed for software developers, focusing on the latest industry trends and technologies.

Expert speakers will delve into topics such as preventing technical debt and overcoming challenges in service-to-service communication using Golang, gRPC, and AWS. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore the impressive capabilities of browser Web APIs, gain insights on choosing the right open-source projects, learn about the key properties of successful libraries, discover ways to prevent massive system failures, and gain an understanding of LCP.

The conference not only offers knowledge sharing with industry leaders but also provides ample networking opportunities during coffee breaks, lunch, and the afterparty, allowing attendees to connect with professionals and share their own experiences and ideas with peers.

The event will be hosted at the John Atanasoff Forum, situated in Sofia Tech Park, right next to Walltopia Headquarters. For those unable to attend in person, the conference will be streamed online free of charge.


  • Free for online attendees
  • From €98, full access (around $105)

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