Top Tech events in 2023: Quarter 2 Ultimate Guide

Top Tech Events
The Ultimate Guide by Redwerk

Are you searching for ways to get the most out of your code? Would you like to improve the security of your applications? Do you want to discover cutting-edge tools that can immediately be put to use? If the answer is “yes” seize the opportunity and register to one of the upcoming tech events to gain valuable knowledge and experience. 

There is no better way to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and emerging technologies than listening to top-notch experts in the tech industry. We’ve carefully picked some of the world’s most impactful tech conferences to help you boost your skills, build relationships, and advance your career. Let’s get started!

Node Congress, April 14&17, Berlin, Germany, hybrid

Node Congress is a two-day event organized by GitNation that discusses all modern JavaScript backends and runtimes. 

The conference brings together over 35 Node.js experts sharing latest insights, pro-workshops, and networking with more than 500 backend and full-stack developers in Berlin on April 14, 2023. There’s also an opportunity for devs from all over the world to access the event remotely and watch the sessions in HD streaming quality on April 17. 

What’s a JavaScript engine? How to create a JS runtime from scratch? How to leverage open source tools in a fully functional serverless IoT application? How to use ChatGPT in a Node.js application? How to avoid the most common mistakes in Node.js and the web? What are prototype pollutions? What are Durable Objects? These and many other relevant topics will be covered in detail.

Node Congress provides space for attendees to connect and collaborate with fellow devs on stellar apps. Besides in-depth talks and hands-on workshops, the program of the conference offers pre and after-parties, retro gaming museum tours, as well as a remote after party full of virtual networking activities.

Node Congress will take place in Kosmos, the largest event space in the heart of Berlin.


  • From €46 + VAT, full remote ticket (around $50)
  • From €380 + VAT, hybrid full ticket (around $415)

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GeeCON, April 19-21, Krakow, Poland, offline

GeeCON 2023 is a 3-day event devoted to Java and Java Virtual Machine based technologies. This is already the 13th edition of the conference organized by and for the community. 

The conference brings together more than 1000 developers from all over the globe to share experiences about modern software development approaches, dynamic programming languages, design patterns, mobile, and distributed computing. The topics included in the program are Java, Cloud, Agile, JVM languages, and NoSQL. 

There will be over 60 world-class speakers featuring in-depth presentations on how to develop and test Native Image applications, what to pay attention to while building a distributed system, OTel Metrics benefits, using the Linux terminal, troubleshooting problems using Google Cloud Console UI, JVM basics, future Java technology stack, and much more. 

The event’s venue is Multikino Kraków. You can get detailed information on how to reach the location by different means of transport on the official website of the conference. 


  • From €269 + VAT, 3-day ticket (around $295)

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Devoxx, May 10-12, London, UK, offline

Devoxx is a series of tech conferences hosted in the UK, Belgium, France, Poland, Morocco, and Ukraine. Devoxx UK is organized by developers for developers to learn, network, get inspired and gain hands-on experience with the latest technology advances.

A 3-day conference will cover a wide range of developer-focused topics, including Java, AI, Cloud, Data, Security, Programming Languages, Machine Learning, Architecture, Developer Practices, Robotics, Culture and much more. 

After the conference, you’ll have a better understanding of the Apache Maven build tool, how to fine-tune Java applications for Kubernetes, how to create type-safe DSLs in Kotlin, the most common Java security flaws, how to implement basic machine learning agents in Unity3D,  how to diminish attribution errors, where to apply location transparency, and how Loom will impact Kotlin. 

The speakers from around the world will share their experience of attracting and retaining developers, basic concepts and best practices of OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect, ML Governance, building enterprise-ready web apps with Java, the basics of the Dapr project and its benefits. Throughout 3 days of the conference, you’ll enjoy more than 170 sessions!

Devoxx UK will be hosted at the Business Design Centre in London, which is a short walk from Angel tube station. 


  • From £745 + VAT, 3-day conference ticket (around $915)

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Vue.js London Live, May 12&15, London, UK, hybrid

Vue.js London Live is a 4-day event that brings together software developers, tech leads, and enthusiasts to talk about all things Vue.js.

Vue.js London Live welcomes delegates in London and invites folks from across the globe to join the event remotely. Expect to meet the authors and core teams of the following libraries / projects: Vue.js, Vite, Nuxt.js, Pinia, Vue Storefront, TresJS, and Chrome.

The speakers will share the latest explorations and progress in the Vue ecosystem, component design patterns, Image Optimization with Digital Asset Managements services, patterns for large scale Vue.js applications, visual testing in Vue.js projects, prefetch strategies to improve the performance of Vue.js apps, how View Transitions work, and how to combine E2E testing with component testing. 

Besides in-depth talks, the conference offers workshops included in the full ticket price and also pro ones that you can purchase separately. The expert trainers will help expand your skills and become a better problem solver.

The conference will happen in Oval Space, a memorable cultural venue in East London. 


  • From €80 + VAT, remote full ticket (around $90)
  • From £420 + VAT, hybrid full ticket (around $520)

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BeJSconf, May 11-12, Brussels, Belgium, hybrid

BeJSconf is a family-like, community-run conference that aims to gather the best worldwide experts in the JavaScript ecosystem. 

The conference brings up the latest JS and frontend development technologies and trends. The 2023 edition will include informative talks, panel discussions, and hands-on workshops related to Qwik, Typescript, Security, Testing, VueJS, and Design. At BeJSconf, you’ll master different techniques to get the most out of your code, debug performance, and enhance the security of your JavaScript applications. 

The speakers will teach how to build your own Node.js app in the browser with WebContainer API, how to debug async code with the debugger, how to efficiently adopt and implement micro-frontends, how to decorate functions Scenarios of metaprogramming usage, and how to build a Node.js runtime for the browser.

By the end of the workshops, you will know how to mix Server Components and Client Components, how to use SolidJS primitives to build and deploy applications, and how to use JS to make your web apps more accessible. Plus, you’ll have a packed toolbox with practical techniques and strategies for approaching complex UI challenges and tackling them well. 

The venue is BluePoint Brussels, and it’s also possible to join online. 


  • From €499 + VAT for in-person attendees (around $545)
  • From €99 + VAT for online attendees (around $110)

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JavaScript fwdays’23, May 16&20, Ukraine, online

JavaScript fwdays’23 is a full-stack JavaScript conference organized by the Ukrainian Fwdays team with the goal to share insights, experience, and best practices in the tech community.

Vue.js, Angular, Svelte, and Next.js frameworks will be explored thoroughly by international and local speakers. Ukrainian specialists will discuss the System Design interview for front-end engineers and how to develop decentralized chat with Next.js. 

English-speaking attendees will learn about the key principles of caching, the challenges of managing memory in JavaScript, the intricacies of V8 implementation, building React apps using CRDTs, as well as utilizing Firebase facilities such as authentication, Realtime DB vs Firestore, Cloud Functions, and Firebase ML. 

The conference will be streamed live in top quality. There will be networking opportunities for attendees to participate in live Q&A panels and share their thoughts with peers in Telegram chat or Discord chat. 10% of each full ticket price will be transferred to trusted volunteer organizations or charity funds supporting people in Ukraine. 


  • Free

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Craft Conference, May 18-19, Budapest, Hungary, hybrid

Craft Conference is a festival-like tech event dedicated to software development. It primarily aims at software engineers, executives, founders, team leaders, agile coaches, engineering managers, and UX specialists.

At workshops and talk sessions, the attendees will discover the latest technologies and innovative practices for improving software delivery. You’ll have an opportunity to connect with the greatest experts from across the globe, share your ideas, and hear different perspectives.

What actions can you take to lead more strategically? How can we bring a humanistic stance to the dynamic reteaming? How GraphQL is transforming API innovation at Netflix? How can CSS and JavaScript contribute to accessibility? How to build operable software with TDD? How to develop tests that impose new boundaries in code? The 2023 edition of Craft Conference will answer all these questions. 

The speakers will share a summary of 2023-era effective product development culture, some insights on architecting successfully for both organizational and technical scales, sustainable practices for creative flow, misconceptions about psychological safety, and the benefits of shift-left testing. 

The conference will be held at the Hungarian Railway Museum, and also streamed online. 


  • From €205 + VAT for online attendees (around $225)
  • From €800 + VAT for in-person attendees (around $870)

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DevDays Europe, May 23-26, Vilnius, Lithuania, hybrid

DevDays Europe is the right fit for developers who want to stay on top of the latest trends, emerging technologies, and best practices in the software development industry. 

International experts will feature presentations on Programming Languages, DevOps and Microservices, Architecture and Design, Agile and Leadership, Machine Learning, Mobile Development and IoT, Web and UX, Performance and Security, and much more. 

At DevDays Europe, you will learn about various tools to debug failures in production and staging, XSS and its countermeasures, data-oriented programming, different aspects of GitOps, potential value of adopting ASyncAPI, best practices for building HTML forms with JavaScript, and how to create highly effective GitHub Actions. 

The event takes place at Multikino, Vilnius, and you can also take part in the conference virtually no matter where you are.  


  • From €270 + VAT, online ticket (around $295)
  • From €460 + VAT, onsite ticket (around $500)

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GlueCon, May 24-25, Broomfield, Colorado, United States, offline

GlueCon is a unique, annual conference that brings together a welcoming community of developers to connect, learn, and evolve. It is the event’s 13th year of existence, and it aims to provide the most recent, comprehensive technical information. 

Attendees can hear from an inspiring lineup as they share their wealth of knowledge regarding  APIs, DevOps, Serverless Technologies, Platform Engineering, AI-driven applications, Edge Computing, Containers, Microservices, Developer Evangelism, WASM and cutting-edge tools that drive technology.

How are virtual machines, containers, and WebAssembly transforming the landscape? How will generative AI make DevOps even more human? How to build responsible systems while leveraging generative AI capabilities? These and many more how-tos will be covered at the conference.

The ticket price includes lunch with beverages, unlimited coffee, access to all session recordings, and GlueCon evening reception! The event will be hosted at the Four-Diamond hotel full of modern amenities and on-site pleasures.


  • From $1195, full conference access

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SaaStock, May 31-June 2, Austin, Texas, United States, offline

SaaStock is a brilliant arena for SaaS founders to build valuable connections and accelerate opportunities. The conference will host over 800 attendees, 68% of whom hold leadership roles.

Austin will bring together the highest concentration of SaaS decision makers this summer. There will be networking and lunch breaks in-between presentations, where delegates can chill, exchange thoughts, and connect with fellow SaaS founders, future clients, and 400+ investors interested in funding your SaaS.

SaaStock has thoroughly hand-picked more than 60 world class leaders and trendsetters to deliver unrivaled content to the audience. The agenda is not yet disclosed, but the speaker line-up is indeed impressive. 

The event will be held at Marriott Austin Downtown. If you want to purchase a team package contact them directly via email indicated on the site. 


  • From $549 for SaaS companies under $1M ARR
  • From $999 for regular attendees

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JCON OpenBlend Slovenia 2023, June 1-2, Portorož, Slovenia, offline

JCON OpenBlend Slovenia 2023 is the in-person conference devoted to Java-related content. Since its first edition in 2008, organizers have changed certain details and invited many experienced domestic and international lecturers.

At JCON, you’ll learn about the Jakarta EE 10 and plans for the future, the options for S3 compatible blob stores, Hibernate 6 and Hibernate Reactive, modern Java, Kotlin DSL, data oriented programming in Java, the challenges of real-time fraud detection, microstream Java-native persistence engine, serverless architecture,  and pitfalls of Java’s new concurrency model. 

The speakers will shed light on how to use Vertex AI to build machine learning models, how to reduce configuration duplication across services using Gradle plugins, and how Adaptive Threading aims to find the “goldilocks” or equilibrium number of threads, where GC achieves peak performance through parallelism.

The venue is Convention center Portus, Portorož, Slovenia. Please note that student tickets have an 80% discount.


  • From €245 + VAT, 1-day ticket (around $266)
  • From €395 + VAT, 2-day ticket (around $430)

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JSNation, June 1&5, Amsterdam, Netherlands, hybrid

JSNation is a 2-track conference with 40+ speakers featuring presentations on the latest trends in JavaScript development. 

JSNation will bring together more than 1000 JS developers in Amsterdam on June 1, and more than 10K of online attendees from all over the world on June 5, joining the event from the comfort of their home offices. 

What is a JavaScript engine? Why does Node.js use Libuv? How to create a JS runtime from scratch? How to build iterators and iterable objects? How browsers prioritize JS against other resource types? How does Apache Kafka work? What’s missing in Node.js & JavaScript? These and several more trending topics will be covered by the experts. 

Apart from the workshops included in the full ticket price, there will be pro workshops that you can purchase separately if desired. 

The conference will take place at Kromhouthal with a karaoke party, silent disco, and many other fun performances. The next day after the in-person event, you will have a great opportunity to explore Amsterdam together with your fellow devs at walking tours and boat tours.


  • From €80 + VAT, remote ticket (around $90)
  • From €420 + VAT, hybrid ticket (around $460)

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React Summit, June 2&6, Amsterdam, Netherlands, hybrid

React Summit is an annual conference that brings together 25K+ front-end and full-stack engineers from all over the world to discuss all things React.

The conference was formerly held only in person, but now has a hybrid program that allows for both remote and in-person participation.

With more than 10 workshops included in the full ticket price, you can gain hands-on experience from the conference speakers and instructors. Free and pro workshops will cover TypeScript, Testing React Apps, Ionic & React, Advanced React, Concurrent Rendering in React 18, Blitz.js, and GraphQL Security Testing. 

Here you’ll learn about techniques that will help you keep your SPA performant at scale, such as off-screen pre-rendering, incremental rendering, and render throttling, tuning retro video archives for display on the modern web using WebGL in React, and storing credentials in appflow for easy cloud signed builds. 

The in-person event starts at 9:00 CEST in De Kromhouthal, Amsterdam whereas online broadcasting starts at 13:00 CEST.


  • From €180 + VAT, remote ticket (around $195)
  • From €510 + VAT, hybrid ticket (around $555)

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Domain-Driven Design Europe 2023, June 5-9, Amsterdam, Netherlands, offline

Domain-Driven Design Europe 2023 conference is devoted to software modeling and design. Its target audience is senior developers and seasoned architects interested in building software systems for complex domains. 

The speakers will run pre-conference workshops on June 5-7, where you will learn about advanced, cutting edge techniques designed to identify and decrease risk, architectural decomposition, Platform Design based on the Three Economies, how to apply Domain Storytelling, how to use EventStorming to design a system, and how to ‘sketch’ in code and tease out a model bit by bit.

On June 8-9, the main conference will feature presentations on testing an event-based domain, techniques that could be transferred from S(E)T to DDD to improve the quality of models, evolution patterns of sociotechnical systems, Residuality theory and Domain-Driven Design, and how DDD and Constructor Theory can help create more robust software systems. 

The workshops, DDD Foundations and the Main Conference will start at 09:30, and will be held in English. All tickets include lunch and beverages. 


  • From €480 + VAT for DDD Foundations (around $525)
  • From €940 + VAT for a conference-only pass (around $1025)

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Future Frontend, June 6-9, Helsinki, Finland, offline

Future Frontend is a 2-day, single-track conference that is the successor of React Finland first held in 2018. The event gathers front-end developers with wildly different backgrounds to discuss current trends, get inspired, and learn. 

Among the speakers are the creators of Angular.js and Qwik,  Solid.js, Capri, Astro, and jsDelivr. 

At workshops, the speakers will teach about the Web Audio API, Audio Worklets, Synthesis, Music Theory, Audio focused UI and visualization, how to bootstrap and configure a new project with Wrangler, and how to set up a QwikCitp project. 

After visiting the event, you’ll know how to generate static sites without a meta framework, how to create universal design systems across web and mobile with Utility First Styling, and the mechanics and defense of path traversal attacks. 

The conference takes place at the historical center of Helsinki in Pörssitalo, whereas the location of workshops is not yet disclosed. You can use a train that goes directly from the airport to reach the conference venue. 


  • From €149 + VAT for 1 workshop (around $165)
  • From €399 + VAT for a conference-only pass (around $435)

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Our Redwerk team had flexible scheduling and remote work privileges long before the invasion, which allowed us to adapt quickly. We are a fully distributed company with employees working from safe areas in Ukraine and abroad. Ukrainians show remarkable results delivering high-quality services regardless of the wartime challenges. 

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