Top Tech Events in 2022: Quarter 4 Ultimate Guide

Top Tech Events in 2022
The Ultimate Guide by Redwerk
Quarter 4: October, November, December

Quarter 4 has just begun, and it’s high time for a final push before going on a Christmas vacation. Tech conferences open a whole new world of opportunities for entrepreneurs and tech talents, so why not embark on such an adventure?

This digest of tech events contains highly technical conferences for frontend, backend, and mobile developers, as well as semi-technical meetups focused more on understanding what’s going on in the tech scene in general.

We at Redwerk have already decided what events we’ll be rocking soon. Read on to find out!

Think Innovate, October 19-21, Owings Mills, Maryland, USA, offline

Think Innovate is a tech festival for entrepreneurs, thought leaders, change-makers, CEOs, CTOs, and VPs. It offers one full day of networking at a country club, mini-sessions in-between keynotes, and a memorable afterparty with a rock band.

Here you will learn how to nurture a high-performing culture and reignite innovation spirit in a tech team who has become an order-taker and drowned in technical debt and maintenance requests. Attendees will delve into why every company today is a data company and how to stay relevant in a market that’s moving at lightning speed.

The speakers will explain how human biases creep into the software they develop and why inclusion can help build solutions for a broader global audience. The government track contains presentations on how to win government contracts, vendor management innovation, smart cities, and digital transformation of the public sector, among others.

Think Innovate will take place at the Marriott Owings Mills Metro Center, located in the vicinity of the airport and popular recreation spots.


  • From $350 for government officials
  • From $600 for business representatives

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P99 Conf, October 19-20, online

P99 Conf is a highly technical conference devoted to developing high-performance, low-latency applications. Among the speakers are software engineers and architects from big names like Google, Oracle, and Red Hat.

The registered users gain access to P99 sessions, presentation decks, contests, and an interactive speaker’s lounge. The attendees will deepen their knowledge of working with databases and reducing user-facing response time with parallel queries, asynchronous queries, or queueing complex work.

How to use Cilium for high-performance networking, network observability, and security? Is P99 a useful metric? Can timeouts, backoff, and jitter help build resilient systems? How to measure the CPU performance of Android apps? You’ll find well-argued answers to these questions at P99 Conf.

You’ll also discover three primary ways to measure latency and their trade-offs, how to shift from a reactive to a more proactive performance mindset, how performance testing has evolved over the years, and why the “fail fast, retry soon” performance optimization technique is highly underrated.


  • Free

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iOS Developers Global Summit, October 11-12, online

iOS Developers Global Summit is an online tech event organized by Geekle, a leading provider of tech content that has already built a community of over 200 tech experts and enthusiasts. You’ll meet experts from Apple, Meta, Porsche, Skyscanner, eBay, MongoDB, and other big names here.

The summit has junior and senior tracks. Juniors will learn how to compile code comments into fully-fledged documentation with DocC, maintain a test pyramid, build widgets users will love, concurrency in iOS with GCD, and code reliability.

There will also be a walk-through of Xcode 14 new features and shortcuts for better navigation and a hands-on example of how to secure your app against man-in-the-middle attacks with SSL pinning. Juniors will also have a chance to learn about color contrast, color blindness, and tools to test color accessibility.

The senior track will also touch upon accessibility: labels, hints, special gestures, VoiceOver announcements, and custom actions will be covered. Seniors will delve into the pitfalls of doing modularization for the first time and using mocks, stubs, and spies to test your app correctly. You’ll learn about measuring app startup time, hang rate, scroll hitch rate, fps, memory consumption, bundle size, CPU ticks, and optimizing these metrics.


  • Free for junior track
  • From $219 for junior & senior tracks

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SwiftLeeds, October 20, Leeds, Yorkshire, UK, offline

SwiftLeeds is a non-profit event founded in 2019 by Adam Rush, who’s been building iOS apps for over a decade. Among the speakers are experts from market leaders like Adobe, Spotify, and Urban Outfitters and startups like Photoroom.

Attendees will deepen their knowledge of building custom property wrappers and writing unit tests for them, using Swift Package Manager to design iOS apps in a loosely-coupled way, and handling asynchronous code with Swift Async Algorithms.

There’ll be talks comparing SwiftUI vs. UIKit and explaining how to avoid the complexities of SwiftUI. Software testing is as crucial as development, so you’ll also understand how adopting async/ await can improve unit testing and how to set up a UI test automation framework. The final presentation emphasizes the importance of continued learning & discovery and code sharing for professional growth.

SwiftLeeds also provides opportunities for networking and time to digest all the new content during refreshment breaks and a lunch where handmade food will be served. The event will be held at Leeds Playhouse, a beautiful theater in the city center.


  • From £135 for 5+ attendees (around $146)
  • From £150 for 1-2 attendees (around $162)

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TechBash, November 8-11, Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania, USA, offline

TechBash is a non-profit event made possible thanks to the Tech Bash Foundation, established in 2015 by six developers from the USA. Here you’ll meet some of the greatest minds innovating at Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon, GitHub, The New York Times, Hitachi, and other world-known companies.

At TechBash, you’ll discover how AI can impact humanity from a developer in the Amazon Alexa team. You’ll learn what architecture patterns to use in different scenarios to avoid over-engineering and make an app flexible to requirement changes. Do developers with non-traditional backgrounds bring extra value to the team? Does bad code increase the Carbon footprint of software development? These will be answered too.

Speakers will showcase why passwords are a huge concern and how passkeys and biometrics can help in this regard. You’ll participate in a live hacking of a Javascript cloud-native app and learn what threats, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations should be kept in mind during development. GitHub Actions, GitHub Codespaces, Azure App Configuration, Azure Active Directory, SignalR, Kubernetes, Jetpack Compose, and many other technologies will be covered in detail.

TechBash is a family-friendly event hosted at the Kalahari Resort. The latter offers the largest indoor waterpark on the East Coast and a bunch of other activities, be it a spa, laser tag, escape, and game rooms, as well as outdoor entertainment like treetop challenges, hiking, or mini-golf.


  • From $649 for 3 days
  • From $799 for 4 days

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Build Stuff, November 9-11, Vilnius, Lithuania, hybrid

Build Stuff is a tech festival for software developers, architects, product owners, technical PMs, team leads, and CTOs, held in-person and online. Here you’ll meet experts from the world over shaping the future of tech at Microsoft, Amazon, Spotify, and other innovative companies.

Build Stuff offers a healthy mix of highly technical and non-technical topics. Here you’ll learn about data architecture evolution and associated growth pains, common issues with multi-language products and automating localization, the difference between cookie-based and token-based authentication, and other technologies.

Can near-field communication (NFC) make the user experience more fun? How to develop framework-agnostic frontends built around business needs rather than technical expertise? How to design for 8 billion humans? You’ll know after attending Build Stuff.

The event will take place in the Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva, standing on the banks of the Neris river and offering a magnificent view of the Old Town and Vilnius Cathedral.


  • Free online networking ticket
  • From $379 for in-person attendees

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Web Summit, November 1-4, Lisbon, Portugal, offline

Web Summit is a large-scale tech event gathering over 70K attendees annually. For 2022, the crew has invited some of the most remarkable minds from Apple, Binance, Y Combinator, Airbnb, Tezos, Signal, OpenSea, and other trailblazers.

As a Ukraine-based company, we are thrilled to see Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Minister of Digital Transformation, among the speakers. Here you’ll dive deep into the crypto crisis, its volatility and promise, exit strategies for startups during an impending recession, and the challenges of a crowded fintech landscape.

Web Summit attendees will also learn how to improve user engagement with AI, make money from news, raise funds during a global investment slowdown, and how Gen-Z investors differ from previous generations.

It’s great that Web Summit leaves room for social questions like protecting endangered species on the verge of becoming extinct, sportswashing, and climate change. Here is where you meet not only business gurus but also athletes, authors, actors, influencers, and people from all walks of life. Networking is made effortless through the app and dedicated lounges.


  • From € 995 for general attendees (around $976)
  • From € 4995 for executives (around $4901)

Meet our founder Konst at Web Summit! We have surprise drinks and cool dev tips for everyone who reserves their spot in advance.

UK Cyber Week, November 3-4, London, UK, offline

UK Cyber Week is a tech event for everyone because cyber crime permeates all levels of business and society, so it’s not only tech leadership who should be aware of potential threats.

At UK Cyber Week, one can hear confessions from a real-life hacker who’ll share what techniques they used to infiltrate airports, casinos, and critical national infrastructure facilities. You’ll also deepen your knowledge of the latest social engineering tactics and inbox threats that still work.

Did you know that hackers go as far as using bioimplants and that the dark web offers an array of illicit and downright scary services that can be purchased anonymously? How diverse is the e-cryme ecosystem, and what challenges do security teams face daily?

Speakers will also discuss the PR side of managing a data breach, the lack of cybersecurity professionals on the market, different roles and qualifications, nurturing a security culture, and finding a balance between human intelligence and automated penetration testing. The event will be held at the London Business Design Center.


  • Free for general attendees
  • Available upon request for exhibitors

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Connect.Tech, November 7-9, Cobb Galleria, Atlanta, USA, offline

Connect.Tech is a multi-framework conference for frontend developers, mobile developers, and UI/UX designers.

After visiting Connect.Tech, you’ll better understand React-like frameworks, such as Next, Remix, Gatsby, and Redwood. You’ll learn how to build functional web apps, use Chrome developer tools to their full potential, and identify common accessibility violations in your codebases.

Attendees will know why designer-developer pairing sessions are crucial for better and faster results, why we should fix it and refactor it even if it isn’t broken, and what soft skills are indispensable to thrive in a tech team. Kendo UI, Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, Vue3, Angular, Appwrite and many other technologies will be covered in detail.

The event will be hosted at the Cobb Galleria Center, and the ticket includes breakfast, lunch, snacks & drinks, merch, raffle prizes, and of course, an after party. The first day is a workshop day, and you can choose whether to attend it or not.


  • From $595 for 1 attendee
  • From $545 for 5+ attendees

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Update Conference, November 10-11, Prague, Chech Republic, hybrid

Update Conference is a .NET developer conference with over 40 technical sessions, held in person and online. The organizers invited software engineers, cloud architects, analysts, and consultants from Redis, Apache, JetBrains, Spotify, Avanade, and other pioneering companies.

At Update Conference, .NET developers will understand how Ethereum Virtual Machine may relate to CLR and what the future of blockchain is. They’ll also learn about the place for the null-related C# syntax in domain modeling and go over commonly overlooked patterns, such as polymorphic models and optional objects.

Attendees will also see how to implement an incremental source generator and what intricacies lie on the way, learn what expression trees are and how to create them, design patterns to use with Redis and how it fits into the .NET ecosystem. A new way to represent data with Graph Processing Table, building distributed apps with Dapr, window functions to solve T-SQL query problems – these and many more will be discussed.

Update Conference will take place at Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, one of the largest and most modern congress hotels in Chech Republic.


  • From 8,500 CZK + VAT for online attendees (around $332)
  • From 11,500 CZK + VAT for in-person attendees (around $450)

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Tech Summit London, November 30, London, UK, offline

Tech Summit London is a conference designed to meet the needs of both technical and non-technical attendees, and it is limited to 1000 participants.

The event agenda is yet to be fully disclosed, yet some presentations have been already announced. Here you’ll broaden your knowledge of emerging technologies and their impact on society, how to become a cybersecurity superhero, and how to use tech for good.

There’re also topics devoted to leading a high performance tech team, post-pandemic trends, remote vs. office work, writing a persuading CV, digital transformation, and NFT ecosystems.

Tech Summit will be held at Regent’s Conferences & Events, located in landscaped tranquil gardens. The ticket covers light refreshments and networking drinks.


  • From £395 for a standard pass
  • From £395 for a premium pass

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Blockchain Expo, December 1-2, London, UK, hybrid

Blockchain Expo invited some of the best thought leaders and C-suite executives working at the European Blockchain Association, United Nations, Mastercard, Coinweb, London Stock Exchange Group, and other reputable organizations.

What benefits does the third-generation internet offer to businesses? What industries can capitalize on blockchain most of all? How to resolve conflicts in an under-regulated world of blockchain? Are DAOs a meaningful alternative to the traditional workplace? Find out at Blockchain Expo.

Attendees will also learn what technical modifications could solve the blockchain scalability challenge, barriers to blockchain adoption, and ways to greenify blockchain. They’ll understand the web3 jargon and be able to explain it in user-friendly terms.

There’ll also be presentations on crypto collectibles, tokenization in the creator economy, legal framework around the metaverse, smart contracts in DeFi projects, auctioning tokens for charity, and many more. Blockchain Expo will be hosted at the Olympia exhibition center alongside 6 other co-located events.


  • Free for in-person and online attendees
  • From £99 for VIP networking pass (around $107)

Redwerk is attending Blockchain Expo! Be the first to learn about a new entrant to the decentralized messaging scene.

Work With Ukraine

As you may have noticed, this round-up contains no events from Ukraine, even though it is one of the largest IT hubs in Europe. Because of the ongoing war, we cannot host tech events, but we still have talents willing to share their expertise.

So why not support ICT experts from Ukraine by letting them do what they do best? They can help businesses deliver faster, gain product confidence, and win users’ love through quality software.

When you hire an IT services agency from Ukraine, not only do you get engineering expertise but support several Ukrainian families. One IT professional can provide for an entire family, while their purchases help survive small businesses and local communities.

Redwerk has been operating through war for over 6 months, and many of our clients have been surprised with our ability to deliver. We’ve supported Ukraine’s army and donated to humanitarian causes since the first days and would love to move at the same pace. If you share our values and would like to support the people of Ukraine, do reach out.

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