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Avoid Embarrassing Yourself

once your product is on the market – a second opinion doesn’t hurt

For programmers or software coders, quality must be a top priority. Unfortunately, tight deadlines can make it difficult to achieve the desired level of code efficiency and clean programming. And the last thing your company wants it for bugs to be discovered by the users of your app or software solution after its release. In a world where users can choose from thousands of software products for one particular purpose, products with bugs, slow responsiveness or frequent crashes will be mercilessly forgotten by the user in a matter of seconds. As more and more software is being distributed as software as a service (SaaS), which users can unsubscribe from at any time, a consistently good and fulfilling user experience is a must, and failure to provide it is a certain death sentence.

Four eyes see more than two. However convinced you may be of your programmers’ abilities, there is just nothing like a good peer review, where people other than the author of the software examine your code for defects and opportunities for improvement.

Delegating the review of your software code to a professional software development company like Redwerk is the best way to improve your code and guarantee an always smooth-as-silk operation of your software. Every minute and every cent you spend on code review is paid back tenfold in the happiness of your clients and dramatically reduces the resources needed for tech support.

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Code Review Benefits

Vulnerabilities Check

Code Review helps in discovering the vulnerabilities in your code. You may not know about every single flaw in a chosen technology. And a careful review with a fresh look will help to identify all the problem areas.

Efficient Testing

Test planning and conducting often takes much more time than looking through the lines of code. Code Review saves a lot of time on testing and assists in choosing the most suitable methods.

In-depth Project Analysis

Code Review helps to spread knowledge about the project among the team. Both the original developer himself and the reviewers can understand the application logic better.

Code Quality Improvement

Code review is not always about mistakes and faults. It also helps to find ways to optimize the code, provide a higher security and improve the performance of the project.

  • We have worked with Redwerk for the past years. We are very happy with our value and payback equation. They provide great technical knowledge for what they bring to the table. Our efforts overseas/offshore has been very difficult, Redwerk's team have finally proven successful with our offshore strategy to complement our core development team state side.
    Joe Sticca Worldnow parnter

    Joe Sticca, Chief Product Officer at Worldnow

  • Redwerk is a highly service oriented business partner, willing to assist on all levels of the partnership. Communication is quick and to the point. Their management themselves have in depth knowledge of technology, which helps to speed things up.

    Mike van Dijk, Director of Products at Green Valley

Why Us

Quality Pledge

You can be sure of our professionalism and the high quality of services we offer. Redwerk has years of experience and dozens of code review projects in its portfolio.

Deadline Guarantee

We always meet deadlines for every project we do despite its size and complexity. We thrive to deliver every project on time and always keep up with the time frames.

Fast Ramp-Up

We have a big, talented team of developers that can start working on code review and further development in no time.

Perfect Process

Since the moment our company was founded back in 2005, we set up the perfect working process for every service we offer, including code review outsourcing.

Maximum Agility

In the fast-changing business world, it’s essential always to be ahead of the competition. We can quickly evaluate your project and discuss working conditions for sooner get started the work.

Business Analysis

We know exactly how to deal with non-technical customers. We have a bunch of projects in our portfolio that never had a single technical person on their team, with all the software development and code review done exclusively by us.

Selected Cases

Products whose code we reviewed.

Green Valley used code reviews services of Redwerk company
Microsoft Word plugin for CMS product
WorldNow used code review service of Redwerk company
United States
Mobile apps for the leading TV networks in the United States
9yahds used paid code review service of Redwerk company
United States
SaaS solution for business workflow automation

Our Customers

Customers who improved quality of their products thanks to Redwerk’s code-review services.

Green Valley outsourced software code review to Redwerk company
WorldNow outsourced .NET code review to Redwerk company
Siemens software development partner
Cleardata hired Redwerk's experts for code quality review

Save Money by Maintaining Code Quality

Code quality deteriorates over the life cycle of an application. Updating the architecture, adding new features, and fixing bugs on systems with poor code quality takes longer and usually results in even more bugs. We can help you make sure that your code remains clean and workable and that no money is wasted in the process.

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security vulnerabilities found in 15 projects


cases of copy and paste programming found at early stage


cases of dependency hell solved