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Cost of Low Quality Code or How to Recognize a Crap-Coder

There are lots of articles about the pros and cons of software outsourcing and using software development services instead of developing solutions in-house. We are not going to discuss this topic here as such, but focus on one of the most common points made against outsourcing development: “It’s too risky in terms of quality”. Is it? Or is it only a matter of finding the right developers?

Now you might ask, “How would I do that?”, especially if you are not a tech professional. And no, we are not going to offer you our services as a universal cure against crap coding or so-called spaghetti coding. Rather, we wish to stress how important it is to use quality development providers from the start of your product creation, how to recognize crap-coders at first sight and, as a bonus, a checklist-questionnaire to save you from:

  • source code which is difficult to support afterwards;
  • inability to add brand new features without flipping the whole code upside down;
  • expensive product updates;
  • low and lagging performance;
  • continuous nightmares about product deadlines because your developer team keeps messing about with your source code.

This article is for professionals interested in contracting software development to an external company. You may agree that it is very important to create quality code from the start of your product development. However, you may be not aware of the whole picture: of just how many issues can be caused by sub-standard coding and how much time and resources can be wasted after being lured by low rates or catchy sales presentations.

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