In these series we will be entertaining you with the latest news about the world of software development outsourcing, its technologies and practices.

Do you guys like infographics? For there will be a plenty. We’ll start off by providing you with a research on technologies sought after by major IT companies and startups, comparing it to what companies from the main outsourcing locations are offering.

Historically, one of the top countries our customers are from is Canada. That is why in our first issue we’ll dissect Canadian IT industry and see what these guys are looking for and where hey can find it.

Outsourcing in CanadaSoftware developers in Canada infographic

Based on the following sources:
  • India:,,,,
  • China:,,,,,
  • Thailand:,,,,
  • Argentina:,,,,,
  • Colombia:,,
  • Romania:,,,,
  • Russia:,,,
  • Ukraine:,,,,,
  • Canada:,,,,,

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About Redwerk

Redwerk is an outsourcing company from Ukraine that offers fully managed dedicated software development teams and also provides quality project-based software development for our clients around the globe. We are a professional team of experienced specialists that works with a wide variety of technologies to deliver you the best product.

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Hear From Our Canadian Customer

«Redwerk is a skilled IT Service provider specializing in complex application development, QA and support. Their team is highly skilled, on-time and usually on-budget. They have a cost-effective deployment model and serve the technical and business needs of LinkTiger. I have recommended their services to many business colleagues and they have thanked me for that.» — Steve Moskowski, Owner at