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If you need a safe and reliable web application based on a present-day technology, Laravel would be the right decision. It is a modern PHP framework that ideally suits for creating both personal and corporate solutions. Redwerk developers have strong PHP knowledge and can cope with any assigned tasks providing a quality result.

  • Functional
    The flexibility of this framework and its extensive functionality allows to develop any solutions depending on individual business needs and features. We can easily create a website administrative panel to simplify its management or integrate additional modules in the existing solution.
  • Reliable
    Laravel is a huge ecosystem that includes hosting and platform for deploying applications. It rapidly updates considering all new PHP versions and also has a high level of security that prevents unauthorized access to data. Here, at Redwerk, we have experienced Laravel developers who will take care of the compliance of your application to current technological requirements and standards.
  • Advanced
    Speed is an important criterion for every modern web application, so Laravel devotes great attention to this indicator and provides several times faster-performing apps than other technologies. Also, the framework has many pre-installed libraries, like Eloquent ORM; official packages such as Cashier, Envoy, and Horizon, that expand the functionality and simplify the development; advanced login and database security features; and it supports a number of cache backends, like Memcached and Redis.

In our practice, we have already tried out all advantages of Laravel programming and continue to raise the level of our expertise in this field. Redwerk, as experienced Laravel development company, is always ready to help you with your projects regardless of their size and industry.

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Why Us

Skilled Laravel Developers

Redwerk developers have confident skills in creating software products using Laravel framework. Our professional team will help you reach the best result on time.

Open Communications

We apply a custom approach to all clients depending on a size and complexity of a project. Over the years Redwerk has created an effective communication system that allows controlling the development process fully.

Total Protection

Redwerk protects private information by signing a non-disclosure agreement. It helps to ensure confidentiality for both sides and prevent the data access for third parties.

Price Benefit

Outsourcing is the right way to save costs on software development services. Our rates are less expensive than in other European countries, whereas quality remains on top.

Full Property Rights

We develop products that are 100% owned by clients and provide all legal rights on their use.

Convenient Working Hours

Redwerk has clients all over the world, so we have to be flexible. We can regulate our working hours depending on your location and time zone to ensure timely communication with a team.

Our Customers

Companies that used our Laravel application development services.

Laravel application development for Caesium company by Redwerk
Justin Alexander outsourced web application development to Redwerk company
PageFreezer: website archiving tool developed by Redwerk's software development company
Application development for The Montreal Office by Redwerk developers
We chose Redwerk thanks to our previous sterling experience with them on other projects. Redwerk brings everything one might want to the table: flexibility and choice of staff, complete SCRUM team that works like a well-oiled machine, "get things done" attitude and an eye for quality. The services offered, the speed of delivery and the rapid progress we achieved with them is something that can be commended. They are always on-call, responsive to change requests and when working with Redwerk you feel as if you're working with an in-house team. Simply put - best remote team experience ever.

Nikita Gorshkov, CEO at Caesium Software UG

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