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By analyzing each component of the project and estimating the resources needed to complete it, Redwerk can provide clients with a realistic and accurate picture of what the project will entail. This level of detail can help clients make informed decisions about the project’s scope and prioritize features and functionalities that are most important to them. Transparency in the evaluation and estimation process also fosters trust between the client and Redwerk. By being upfront about what the project will involve and how much it will cost, Redwerk sets clear expectations and avoids surprises later on in the project.


During the design stage, the goal is to create a user interface that is visually appealing, intuitive to use, and consistent with the overall branding of the product. This may involve creating mockups and prototypes to test different design options and gather feedback from users.


In some cases, the development team may start by creating a minimum viable prototype (MVP) to test key features and get early feedback from users. This can help to identify potential issues early on and make adjustments before proceeding with full-scale development.


Overall, the testing stage is a critical part of software development as it ensures the quality and stability of the final product. By running a series of tests, the software can be refined and improved, ensuring it is smooth, stable, and sure to make a great impression on end-users.


Overall, the release stage is a critical part of software development as it ensures that the software is deployed successfully and reaches the intended audience. By working with a team like Redwerk, you can be sure that your product is prepared for release and that the necessary steps are taken to ensure a smooth deployment process.

Selected Product Development Cases in Berlin

Developed iOS app for restaurant management SaaS used by 18K+ restaurants in 12 countries
Built Android app for self-employed cleaners across Germany and Austria, soon acquired by
Developed secure Chromium-based mobile browser supporting 18 languages and having over 100K installs
Developed freelance marketplace SaaS featured on Trendhunter, world’s #1 trend platform

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Redwerk Software Product Development

Outsourcing your software project to a company like Redwerk can be an excellent way to access top-quality development services at a lower cost than hiring an in-house team.

Quality Guarantee

Quality is a critical aspect of software development, and Redwerk understands that delivering a high-quality product is essential to the success of any software project.

Quick Deadlines

Redwerk’s team of developers and project managers can work efficiently and effectively to ensure that all milestones are met and that the project is delivered to a high standard of quality.

Intellectual Property Rights

When you work with Redwerk, you can be assured that you will have full ownership of the software we develop for you.

Legal Protection

Redwerk understands that keeping a project private is crucial for many clients, and they take this responsibility seriously. We willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to legally protect the privacy of your project.

Strong Communication

We strives to stay in touch with their clients during the most convenient hours for them. By providing strong communication, we ensures that our clients are always aware of the project’s progress, potential roadblocks, and next steps.

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Core Data
Redwerk team was tasked with rapidly developing the first version of a brand new product for Quandoo and they did so with flying colours. In spite of complexities of the project and an extremely tight deadline the team was able to deliver an outstanding product to the benefit of Quandoo's customers. Redwerk team's flexibility and ability to adapt to changing circumstances and Quandoo's request, be consistent with deadlines and commitments were outstanding. I highly recommend Redwerk as the go-to outsourcing company.
Nikita Gorshkov
Nikita Gorshkov, Head of Merchant Products at Quandoo
Absolutely worth any time and money. I have been working on an Android app for my start-up and Redwerk was able to deliver quickly a reliable solution with all testing and expected value. Would recommend for projects of any size and level of difficulty.
Sergiej Rewiakin
Sergiej Rewiakin, Co-Founder at
Over the last two decades, I gathered a lot of experience with external development teams. I collaborated with Redwerk team when I worked for Searchturbo. They helped us scale our mobile development resources and deliver successful android projects. I found Redwerk to have the skillset and ability to understand what our needs were - both business and technical - to support us in delivering a complex application. The team was always proactive with questions and issues and put in every effort to provide a high-quality product. I can highly recommend Redwerk team to hire for web and mobile software development if you need reliable and professional development.
Michael Boecher
Michael Boecher, Founder & Chief Product Officer at SearchTurbo

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