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Since Redwerk offers so many automation software development services, we also provide online support services to our customers for their products. To support a product well beyond implementation, our consultants are able to provide ongoing help desk service to internal teams or on the customer/user side.

Our support options are designed specifically for each project or product, but the possibilities include establishing a call or email center where our consultants respond accordingly to questions and pass it over to the developers to fix the software code, add features or do customization that your customers are requesting. Online forums are an option where our experts take on the roles of moderators interacting and responding directly to registered or unregistered users through the forum format.

Since our software developers are proficient in several languages, including English, your customers or employees will always be answered in a way they can easily understand which reflects well on your business. In other words, our support team upholds your reputation as being dedicated to superior customer service!

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  • Redwerk is a skilled IT Service provider specializing in complex application development, QA and support. Their team is highly skilled, on-time and usually on-budget. They have a cost-effective deployment model and serve the technical and business needs of LinkTiger. I have recommended their services to many business colleagues and they have thanked me for that.
    Steve Moskowski Linktiger partner

    Steve Moskowski, Owner at

  • Redwerk is a highly service oriented business partner, willing to assist on all levels of the partnership. Communication is quick and to the point. Their management themselves have in depth knowledge of technology, which helps to speed things up.
    Mike van Dijk Green Valley partner

    Mike van Dijk, Director of Products at Green Valley

Why Us

Quality Guarantee

Apart from 3 months free technical support that comes as a part of company’s standard offer, we are always ready to provide help desk services for your product. Redwerk support team has your back 24/7.

Always On Time

We do understand that time is money, that’s why our management team gives full attention to meeting every deadline you put. If you need to have your software project delivered on time, you’ve chosen the right team.

Fast Project Undertake

Don’t want to wait in line? The number of people on our team is enough to launch support services for your project immediately.

Proven Tactics

Over the years of Redwerk’s existence, we’ve carried out enough online help desk projects to elaborate a solid customer support framework. The experience obtained also taught us that individual approach is essential, so be sure to get the support services that satisfy your team’s or your customer’s every need.

Done To Time And Quality

The combination of quality and speed seems surreal, still, that’s exactly what we strive to provide our customers with. We’ll set up a customer support team for you in the shortest period possible, taking every detail of your business process into consideration.

We Speak Your Language

No doubt, understanding technical terms might be a challenging task sometimes. That’s why we make sure Redwerk support team specialists give our clients or their customers clear and easy-to-understand explanations, even regarding the most complicated issues.

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