Desktop Application Development Services in United States

Quality Desktop Application
Development Services in United States

We are your one-stop shop for web, mobile and desktop application development and testing. Our skilled legacy application
modernization services in United States has years of experience in the field. We understand that everyone's
business needs are unique, and we strive to develop unique solutions that meet those needs.

How we provide the best Desktop Application Development Services in United States.

Desktop applications are very versatile in terms of technologies that can be implemented during their creation. Unlike mobile and web apps, which have certain limitations imposed on them due to the way they’re designed, Windows, macOS, and Linux app platforms provide businesses with unparalleled security and performance.

Developing high-quality desktop applications requires a team of skilled professionals who have expertise in various technologies, programming languages, and development methodologies. Redwerk team of professionals have a deep understanding of user experience and user interface design, as well as project management and communication skills.

Selected Desktop Application Development Services in United States

Transformed Sentient Ascend legacy into #1 AI-driven digital growth solution
Performed massive CMS redesign for leading bridal dress fashion brand with 1500+ retail stores globally
Helped #1 E-Government vendor in Netherlands and Belgium develop several modules for council decision-making platform
Turned legacy screencast recorder into cross-platform standalone app in less than 3 weeks
Solved Green Valley’s major pain point by building CMS plugin running 24/7 regardless of MS Office updates
Transformed legacy Windows app into workflow automation SaaS with 5 new revenue-generating features

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Price Advantages

Hiring an agency for desktop app developers’ services is not only time-efficient, but it can also be cost-effective. Redwerk’s prices are about 25% lower compared to the other IT-companies, and this is one of the advantages to work with us.

Skilled Developers

Our skilled software developers have more than a decade of experience in creating desktop applications. We have come a long way, learning on our own and others’ mistakes, so that we could forge a smooth mechanism of work.

UTC Friendly

Our company is situated in a very convenient location. Cooperation with us is equally comfortable for clients from the east and the west. You will never rely on your timezone too much and can timely communicate with the team.

Management and Communication

Clearly stated task, competent duty distribution and timely communications are essential for a project’s success. Our internal management always takes it into account when working on the development of your desktop solutions.

Timely Solutions

We value the time of our clients and always plan the development terms with maximum precision to establish an accurate deadline date. Be sure that your desktop application is going to be done and released on time.

No Project Queues

There will be no idle time if you decide to work with us. We can assign our best designers, developers and project managers to work on your desktop development project immediately, so you won’t have to wait in a queue for a couple of months.

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Technologies We Master

Redwerk team helped navigate my firm's challenging switch from desktop to cloud and provided expert knowledge and advice on current and future applications. Through Redwerk's dedicated and professional team, my firm was able to automate many complicated and time-consuming tasks that provided huge efficiency boosts and insight into our core business. I would highly recommend Redwerk and their expert team on any software related projects.
Kyle DeLapp
Kyle DeLapp, Project Manager at Utility Revenue Services
Redwerk is a strong development organisation. I worked with their developers and PMs at Worldnow and Justin Alexander, Inc. on a variety of projects from video architecture and encoding to basic HTML and can say that both teams were pleased with their work. Redwerk communicates clearly and they do a nice job at managing expectations, which is important because they are an overseas shop. I will work with them again.
Max Chanoch
Max Chanoch, Director of IT at Justin Alexander
Redwerk is a highly service oriented business partner, willing to assist on all levels of the partnership. Communication is quick and to the point. Their management themselves have in depth knowledge of technology, which helps to speed things up.
Mike van Dijk
Mike van Dijk, Director of Products at Green Valley
Redwerk provided expert knowledge and delivered a solid first generation Web-application that serves a mission critical database for our company. We have worked on subsequent projects to enhance this application and design other Web-based tools.
Brendan Addis
Brendan Addis, Principal and Co-Founder at Utility Revenue Services LLC

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