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Augmented Reality App
Development Services in Canada

We are your one-stop shop for web, mobile and desktop application development and testing. Our skilled Augmented Reality
App Development team in Canada has years of experience in the field. We understand that everyone's business needs
are unique, and we strive to develop unique solutions that meet those needs.

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How we provide the best Augmented Reality App Development Services in Canada.

The experienced software engineers at Redwerk specialize in designing and building native mobile applications, web-based solutions, and cloud infrastructures for businesses seeking to harness the power of augmented reality in their operations. The team’s expertise spans multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, WebGL, and Unity 3D, and they are able to build custom solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs. Furthermore, Redwerk is committed to providing excellent customer service and support to its customers, ensuring that their projects are successful.

Redwerk is an innovative technology provider committed to delivering creative solutions that address the most challenging problems facing our world. In addition to creating groundbreaking products, our team is also dedicated to developing unique apps and advancements that push the boundaries of our industry. Our focus is on creating technology that will help people live better, work smarter, and play longer. With a team of experienced software engineers, designers, and project managers, we are able to excel in areas ranging from augmented reality to virtual reality.

Case Studies from Canada

Captured North America hockey fans’ emotions in masculine UI & stylish 2D illustrations
Optimized database & upgraded functionality of media directory hosting over 35K contacts
Developed website and social media archiving SaaS shortlisted as Red Herring Top 100 Global Finalist




Android Studio



Unreal Engine

Facebook AR Studio





Windows Mixed Reality

Microsoft Visual Studio

JetBrains Rider




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We prioritize usability when creating AR experiences to make them meaningful, safe, and easy to understand. We carefully think through standard and uncommon use cases to ensure the AR functionality stands the usability test and is more than a gimmick.

Legally Conscious

We build software proactively by factoring in legal, ethical, and user health considerations. We inform our clients from the very beginning how the customer data is handled and offer ways to mitigate possible security risks or physical harm instances.

Multifaceted Expertise

Since 2005, we have penetrated all major business verticals – from E-Commerce, E-Learning, and E-Government to Construction, Entertainment, and GameDev. We use our multifaceted expertise to create industry-specific AR experiences that are relevant and loved by users.

From Zero to Hero

Redwerk is experienced in developing products from the ground up. Our AR delivery team includes developers, QA engineers, PM/BAs, 3D designers, DevOps, SEO, and marketing folks. Access multiple experts at once and get support at every stage of SDLC.

Quality Assurance

Augmented reality app development is impossible without a rigorous QA process. We test every solution we deliver and have a framework on how to test AR comprehensively. We also tailor our AR testing approach to the project’s specifics and target audience.

End-to-End Support

Redwerk not only builds AR solutions but also helps to maintain and upgrade them along the way. We can provide you with continuous tech support and take care of all the software maintenance routine freeing up your internal team.

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It is a legal level archiving. The sort of archiving that has to be done to be in compliance for public companies and governments so that they can prove that their website said and did exactly what they’re saying it did at any one particular time.
Steve Dotto
Steve Dotto, TV show host at Dotto Tech
LinkTiger has been invaluable in finding broken links in our client's sites that are not majorly noticeable by user-based testing. They save our company time and money by eliminating tedious testing on our website developments. LinkTiger is critical to our Quality Assurance programs, ensuring that all of the components of our developments are operational on a daily basis.
Darrell Keezer
Darrell Keezer, President, Candybox Marketing
I worked Redwerk team when I was working at PageFreezer. I highly recommend Redwerk if you need to get the job done! It’s without hesitation that I recommend Redwerk team if you are looking for the best quality software.
Chirag Verma
Chirag Verma, Quality Assurance Engineer at PageFreezer

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