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eNomad is a startup on a mission to create a global nomadic culture.

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Being a one-stop shop for software development, Redwerk has taken the concept and designs from the customer, implemented and tested the Android app from the ground up, suggesting solutions and best practices on 3rd party API usage.

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eNomad is an Android app addressed to digital nomads, expats and travelers, who typically move or relocate to new places, helping them find the places they need close by – shops, restaurants, gyms, co-working, etc.

After downloading the app, the user can select multiple categories of services needed through a wheel picker, set a distance radius and then check at glance the respective listings on the map, around his current location.

In the map view mode, the user can select each listing to check the respective reviews left by other users, save the listing or get the directions.
Saved places can be accessed later from the app’s header.

The user can also change the current location, by inputting a new address in the search box, in order to check the available listings around it.


The app concept and full UX design was designed by our client Camilla Bonanni, a mobile publisher who chose Redwerk for the development of her proprietary project.

Our client came to us for custom Android app development with already a clear idea of how the interface should look like and a project scope. Navigation flow, colors, design details, logo and other graphic elements of the app were done by the client and needed to be implemented according to the brief.

Redwerk took on the development of the app upon the directions of client’s given interface and navigation design. The challenge of the project was to reflect precisely what the client had already in mind in terms of UX and implement the combined geolocation functionalities that were behind it.

As client requested new features and changes to implement on top of the very initial brief, Redwerk made several upgrades over the development course of the app, in order to get to the very final version for launch.


The Google Places and Foursquare APIs formed the core of our app’s functionality for obtaining information about nearby places.

Retrofit and greenDAO were used to retrieve data and store it on the user’s device while consuming as few system resources as possible.

We used the Android Support Library to ensure that modern design features used in the app will still be compatible with older Android versions (4.03+).

Finally, a Jenkins-powered CI server was running alongside our team from the very start of the project, cooking up fresh builds within minutes of each code commit.

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The app was developed successfully and deployed via Google Play. As a result, thirsty travelers can find bars, hungry students can discover eateries near their universities, and vacationers can explore cities they’ve never been to before with just a few taps. Our team is proud to make life a little bit easier for people who enjoy discovering the world just like we do!

eNomad app - starting screen

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It was interesting to work with the Foursquare and Google Places APIs and integrate both services into one app. We also used Retrofit and greenDAO, which helped us to keep the app as small as possible as these technologies handle a lot of functionality without consuming much in the way of resources.

eNomad app - main screen
eNomad app - selected categories
eNomad app - menu
eNomad app - adding favorite
eNomad app - map screen
eNomad app - reviews

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