Software startup - how to build it. White paper by Redwerk

The big idea. It’s finally arrived – the one you’ve been waiting for, the software product that’s going to make you a fortune, win you fame, take you to the very top! Whoah. Hold on a second. Breeeeeeathe. Now put down those imaginary millions, step away from that yacht, and ask yourself this: “Where do I go from here?”.

Those six little words are likely to throw up infinitely more questions than answers, or at least they should. Having a great software idea is only the beginning, a defining moment, yes, but one that as yet offers only promise. Taking it through the trials and tribulations of researching, planning, development, testing and deployment is a whole different ball game, and not one
that everyone wins. The road to success is littered with those who have seen their killer ideas go from the drawing board to the scrap heap.

How do you make sure your software product idea is one of the ones that make it? Well, we have some tips that can put you on the right path and keep you there, all the way to the French Riviera.
About Redwerk

Redwerk is an experienced software development offshore company with two offices in Ukraine and representatives in the US and Europe. One of the industries we expertise in is IT outsourcing for startups. We successfully developed solutions for such fast-growing projects like Caesium, Cleanagents, Animatron, and eNomad. In our IT outsourcing case studies you can also read about the challenges we solved on more than 80 other projects for clients worldwide.

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How To Build A Software Startup – White Paper
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